Food Prep Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers — Cheese Grating

Food prep activities are always a huge hit both in the classroom and at home.  What kid doesn’t love the chance to eat an extra snack — especially one she gets to make all by herself?  I bought this grater a while ago for some DIY Chalk Paint, so I repurposed it for this cheese grating work.


I put a block of cheese, the grater, and a small plate onto the tray and showed L how to scrape the cheese along the grater.  I like this one because it catches the grated cheese in a container underneath.


After she had grated a good amount of the cheese, I showed her how to pop off the bottom of the cheese grater and pour it onto her plate.


Her favorite part was eating it, of course.  Sometimes she even decides to serve it to her sister.  🙂

When she is finished with the work, she brings the tray to the kitchen and puts it on the counter to be washed.  One of these days I’ll have to teach her how to wash it for herself, but right now she can’t quite reach the faucet handle yet.


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  1. You don’t worry about her accidently grating her fingers? Or is the trick to simply provide a large enough chunk of cheese?

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