Food Prep for Toddlers — Peanut Butter Spreading

L loves to eat!  Sometimes I’m busy feeding the baby so I can’t get her a snack right away — having a food prep work available means L can get herself a snack whenever she’s hungry.  This one is always a favorite in the classroom.  At school, I used to use cream cheese due to peanut allergies — I tried that at home, but it was too cold and hard to spread, so I switched to peanut butter.


peanut butter spreading 2

To set up this work, I put two crackers on a plate beside a small cheese knife and a ramekin filled with peanut butter.  You could also use bread instead of crackers.  I showed L how to spread the peanut butter on one of the crackers and let her do the other one.

peanut butter spreading 3

This one is definitely L’s favorite food prep work.  Spreading is pretty tough to do — it requires careful wrist movements and builds gross motor and hand-eye coordination skills.  Bonus — I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to get this hungry girl a snack!


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  1. Lovely post. That’s one thing I recollect as my kids furnished me with times where I had to be creative. And then the Grand Children came along, a more adept guardian was I by that time. Professional. It’s great to see others taking care of Children like this with care and furnishing lessons and experiences.

  2. This is such a good idea! I can’t wait to try it with our toddler

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