Before I set up L’s art shelf, basically the only art supplies she had used were crayons, markers, and paint (on the few occasions that I forced myself to let her make a mess with paint!).  L loves getting her weekly stamp at Kindermusik, so I decided to set up a stamping work for her.  I bought a set of animal stamps and put one in a small bowl.  I added a washable ink pad and a piece of paper.  I showed L how to first press the stamp onto the ink pad and then onto the paper to produce the image.  She loves seeing the animals appear on the paper!  I frequently switch out the stamp, and she is so excited each time she finds a new one in the bowl.  This work promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as teaching the concept of cause and effect.  This is one of L’s favorite works, and she will easily spend 10+ minutes stamping over and over again.

P.S.  At Kindermusik, the teacher puts the stamp on L’s hands and stomach.  Of course, that was L’s first instinct when she found this work!  I told her that only Ms. Samantha can put the stamps on her body.  She can put the stamps on the paper.  So far, that’s working!


P.P.S.  Shout-out to Ms. Samantha at Kindermusik with Samantha!  L loves going to Kindermusik each week, and the curriculum is based in part on Montessori principles!  I highly recommend Kindermusik programs!


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