Banana Cutting

Another great food prep work is banana cutting!  It requires several different fine motor skills (peeling, cutting, and using a fork), and it provides a healthy snack.  L does not really care for bananas, but she has continued to try them each time she uses this work.


Banana Cutting
I set up a plastic tray with high sides to prevent messes.  I put a crinkle cutter, fork, and plate with half a banana on the tray.  I tore the peel about half an inch at the top, so L would have a good starting point.  I showed her how to peel the banana and put the peel in the garbage can.


Banana Cutting

She then took the crinkle cutter (this one!) and cut the banana into slices, then tasted it with her fork.  L usually tastes one slice, then does not want any more.  At that point, I allow her to ask other family members (Mommy, Daddy) if they would like any, and she serves us.


2 thoughts on “Banana Cutting

  1. Cutting fruit and veggies is so good for kids!
    I love your nice simple description of this. So often parents just rush through the process and do the peeling/washing, cutting and deciding for their kids. No wonder kids often struggle to become independent and able to make their own decisions.
    It may be a banana today, but it’s a step toward taking care of oneself, and the pride of knowing how!

  2. Sounds like a great idea! Though I reckon my son will just mash it all up in the end – he does that to his food normally haha!

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