Easter Activities – Easter Egg Filling

Montessori teachers (and moms!) love to get seasonal!  It gives us a chance to get creative with the works and to tie in a bit of the outside world.  The past few weeks have been all about the Easter egg hunts in our family.  When L sees one of these classic plastic eggs, she can’t resist popping it open to see what’s hiding inside!  I looked through my work closet (instead of straightening it up!) and pulled out these materials to make an  Easter Egg Filling work.

easter eggs

I took a deviled egg tray that I found at the dollar store and put a plastic egg in each compartment.  I added a bowl filled with pompoms in the middle, and that was it!  L was so excited when she found this work on the shelf, and she has pulled it out multiple times just this morning!  I showed L how to open an egg, put one pompom inside, and then put the egg back on the tray.  This work is perfect for keeping little hands busy while building hand strength and hand-eye coordination, as well as getting into the Easter spirit!

I chose pompoms because I like the way the soft texture contrasts with the hard, smooth egg, but you could really use anything that will fit inside an Easter egg.  If you have older children (and are feeling a bit adventurous!), try filling the bowl with uncooked rice and adding a scoop — instant egg shakers!  You could also make this a color matching work if you have corresponding pompom and egg colors.



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