Montessori Home Tour Video

I’ve found that it’s difficult to see how to set up your home to promote Montessori values through pictures alone, so I made a short home tour video so you can see how we did it!  This tour is of our entire first floor, and shows the various areas I have set up for L and N as well as how Montessori living is integrated into parts of the day (such as eating).  I am not a professional videographer, and I used an iPhone to take this video, so please forgive the quality.  It cuts off my last few words, but all I’m saying is that the only gate we have in our house is the one blocking off the stairs.  Enjoy!
P.S.  I definitely cleaned the house (except the kitchen!) to take this video.  Don’t be fooled — it rarely looks this nice!  With taking care of an infant and a toddler all day, keeping the house completely clean has fallen pretty low on my priority list.