Language Activities for Toddlers – Object Matching

Object to object matching is the next step after the nomenclature basket that I wrote about earlier.  L has gotten very good at naming the animals I put in her nomenclature basket, so I added this basket to her language shelf.
 With this basket, you simply put two of each object in, and the child is meant to match each one. Every toddler I’ve ever met has loved animals, so that is one great type of object to put in any language basket.  Amazon and Michael’s sell small animals by theme in tubes (like this one!).  I think this particular set is from the “Household Pets” theme.  As with the nomenclature basket, you can name each animal using the three period lesson.  Then you can match the animals that are the same.  The one-to-one correspondence helps with visual discrimination of the objects, and you can also talk about the differences between the animals as your child’s language grows.  The next step after this basket would be an object to picture matching work.


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