Activities for Toddlers – Pom-Poms and Dutt-Dutts

L is currently obsessed with putting objects into things.  The more objects available, the better, because then she can repeat the process.  One evening, when L was being a little crabby and was clearly bored, I ran upstairs for some toilet paper rolls I’ve been saving — is my family the only one that calls those things dutt-dutts?  Because of the sound it makes when you whack somebody on the head with it?  Yes?  Anyway….

So I found a couple toilet paper rolls and cut them into different sizes.  I paired them with a bowl of pom-poms, and showed L how to put the pom-poms in.  This is a variation on some of the other works that allow L to place objects in containers, as these objects also come out the other side.  L was absolutely delighted when I pushed the first pom-pom through.

Easy, free, and it killed the boredom right away.