3 Day Online Montessori Bootcamp to Support Independence and Create the Home learning Environment Your Child’s Growing Brain Craves

It’s back for a limited time! I’ve teamed up with Marcela Collier of @highimpactclub to present a 3 Day Montessori Bootcamp for parents of toddlers and preschoolers! It’s completely online, so you can watch at your own pace whenever you want once you’ve registered!

So what’s included in this 3 day Montessori Bootcamp?

Day 1: Learn the 5 Ways to Prepare Your Home to Support Independence and Develop Life Skills Through the Montessori Method

This class is presented by me! If I’m new to you, I’m a former Montessori teacher & Montessori homeschooling parent, with 13 years’ Montessori experience. In this class, you’ll learn how to prepare the spaces in your home to allow your child to be more independent and develop practical life skills that he’ll use forever!

Day 2: How to Set Up a Functional Montessori Homeschool with Materials You Already Have at Home

This class is also presented by me! One of the misconceptions about Montessori learning is that you have to have the perfect Montessori materials — it has to be good enough for a “Montessori shelfie” pic on Instagram… but that’s not true! I’ll walk you through how to create a functional Montessori learning environment using materials you already have.

Day 3: Steal a School Counselor and Positive Discipline Coach’s Plan to Create a Power Struggle Free Learning Experience Even with Multiple Children Under 6

This class is presented by Marcela & Brian Collier of @highimpactclub. They use their expertise as a Positive Discipline Coach (Marcela) and School Counselor (Brian) to guide you through how to do all of this without the power struggles!

The 3 Day Montessori Bootcamp runs from September 27th through September 29th, and you can attend all three days for just $49 this week only (total value: $247).

But that’s not all! Your registration for the 3 Day Montessori Bootcamp comes with 3 BONUSES!!!

Bonus #1: Checklist for Creating the Prepared Montessori Environment at Home

If you like the idea of Montessori at home but have no clue where to start, then this curated checklist takes you step by step through the process! You’ll get a cheat sheet of 15 changes you can make immediately to help set your child up for success at home.

Bonus #2: 10 Easy DIY Montessori Learning Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

You don’t need expensive Montessori pre-made materials to spark your child’s curiosity to learn. This instruction sheet will show you how to put together 10 simple activities without spending a cent, plus there are lesson presentation instructions for each!

Bonus #3: What Your Child’s Brain Needs in the First 6 Years + DIY Activity for Each Stage

Did you know that each developmental stage has different learning needs? This chart shows you 9 DIY Montessori activities that directly feed your child’s brain to support his learning needs at each age and stage of development in the first 6 years

Are you ready to add some Montessori tools to your parenting toolbelt? Join us for the 3 Day Online Montessori Bootcamp to Support Independence and Create the Home Learning Environment Your Child’s Growing Brain Craves — just $49!