Montessori Phonological Awareness Activity: Syllable Counting

My small group coaching members asked for some printable materials inspired by the Science of Reading, so I got to work putting together a bunch of phonological and phonemic awareness activities! This Montessori phonological awareness activity works on breaking down words into smaller parts, or syllables.

When you’re first presenting this work, start with just 1 and 2 syllable words. Lay out each clapping card and clap as you say each syllable. “Gui tar. 2 claps. There are two parts or syllables in that word. Gui tar.”

After you’ve been working with the clapping cards for a while, switch to the syllable sorting cards. Lay out each of the number of syllables cards, then clap each word and place it beneath the correct number of syllables.

My Syllable Counting & Sorting Cards include 12 words with 1 syllable, 12 words with 2 syllables, and 12 words with 3 syllables. These can be used with pre-readers or fluent readers.

Get them here!