Pikler Triangle + Accessories

Whole body movement is so important in the first plane of development (from birth to 6 years), and providing opportunities for your child to explore the different ways she can move her body is paramount. In Maria Montessori Speaks to Parents, Montessori explains, “Children develop their brains as well as their bodies through movement, and in the process of concentration, self-discipline, and perseverance with an active interest, the foundations of character are laid. To give our children a fine start in life we must see that their surroundings satisfy their need for activity and development, remembering at the same time that our own part is not that of instructor and interferer but of helper and friend.”

Young toddlers in particular may exhibit a need to climb, and if that need isn’t met in the prepared environment, guess where they’ll be climbing? Everywhere you’d prefer they didn’t: on your couch, the dining room table, anywhere they can get to that’s high and unstable and potentially dangerous.

And so, we prepare the environment to allow them a safe and developmentally-appropriate place to meet that need. One way to do that is with a Pikler triangle.

Today I’m excited to partner with the only Pikler licensed maker in North America, RAD Children’s Furniture to share about their Pikler Triangle + accessories!

We all like something that can be used in multiple ways to get the most bang for our buck, right? Enter the RAD Children’s Furniture Pikler triangle with accessories. While the Pikler triangle itself is a wonderful investment when you have little ones around, they also make accessories like the DeskEasel, the ladder, or the ramp to really extend the life and use of the material! Which one do you think would be the perfect fit for your family?