Recycled Crafts for Kids: How to Make Cereal Box Beads

In true second plane child fashion, Lila is all about learning how things are made — and then making them herself. During the school year, she watched a video about making beads out of cereal boxes… and she quickly insisted that we save some so she could try it herself! Here is Lila’s method for making cereal box beads:

Unfold your cereal box and turn it over to draw on the plain side. Use a straightedge to draw a tall, thin triangle on the plain side of the cereal box, then cut it out.

Starting with the bottom of the triangle, roll it up around a paintbrush handle.

Put glue on the tip of the triangle and press it onto the bead so it doesn’t unroll.

Slip the paintbrush handle out, and you have a finished bead!

Optional: Coat the bead with Mod Podge for some added shine and let dry.

Here is a video of the whole process: