Montessori-Inspired Air Travel Printables

Every month, my small group coaching community gets to request a printable that I make just for them and then list in my Etsy shop later. In May, one of the groups requested some air travel printables to help prepare their kids for traveling via plane at the airport this summer. It started out small, but quickly grew into an entire bundle once I finished gathering all of the photographs I wanted to use! Here’s everything that’s included in my NEW Montessori-Inspired Air Travel Bundle:

The Air Travel Bundle begins with some 3-Part Cards to teach nomenclature of some common things you might see at the airport. These can be used as regular 3-part cards, just for picture matching, or they can be sorted according to things in an airport, places in an airport, and vehicles at an airport.

Those same objects from the Air Travel 3-Part Cards also have matching silhouette cards, honing those visual discrimination skills.

These Airport Scene Cards can be printed twice to use as picture matching cards or just once to use as story-telling/writing prompts. Put a couple out with the movable alphabet and see what your child writes about them!

I found all of the pictures of various colored suitcases intriguing, and I knew they would definitely catch the eye of little ones — so I made these Luggage Sorting Color Cards to sort by all of the colors in Color Box 2.

Several of my small group coaching community members have toddlers, so I made a few 2-4 piece puzzles for them using airport scenes.

Older children can use these Airplane Skip Counting Puzzles. As with all of my skip counting puzzles, the numbers are color coded to the base number’s bead bar color and each picture has the base number of airplanes in it.

I also included some Air Travel Sequencing Activities so children can know what to expect when they arrive at the airport! This set comes with pictures with words, pictures with numbers, and a written story to follow along as well.

Finally, I included a little something for your child to do while she’s actually AT the airport — an Airport Scavenger Hunt! These are things to find in the airport based on the 3-part cards.

If you’re planning on traveling by plane this year, check out this bundle so your child can be fully prepared for everything she’ll be seeing at the airport!

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