Montessori Buzzwords: What they really mean and how to practically apply them to your homeschool experience

Montessorians tend to throw around these confusing specific-to-Montessori terms, and a lot of homeschooling parents have a vague idea of the themes but that’s it. A few months ago, someone commented on one of my posts: “What does ___ actually mean? I see a lot of Montessori accounts using it but I can’t figure it out.”

And then an idea was born — What if you could find out exactly what some of these Montessori Buzzwords mean AND how to practically apply them in real life, all from your favorite Montessori-trained blogger?!

I put a poll up in my stories to see what terms you were most confused by or maybe knew the surface-level definition but weren’t sure what to do with it from there… and then I put together the 10 most common Montessori Buzzwords and how to apply them in your homeschool environments in a new webinar!

We’ll learn all about:

  • How to set up a PREPARED ENVIRONMENT
  • What it means to be a PREPARED ADULT
  • The PLANES OF DEVELOPMENT — specifically the first plane of development from 0-6
  • The SENSITIVE PERIODS from age 0 to 6
  • Debunking some myths about the Montessori 3-hour WORK CYCLE
  • What NORMALIZATION means and how to achieve it in your homeschool environment
  • How to recognize and make it through FALSE FATIGUE
  • How to SCAFFOLD skills
  • How to include a CONTROL OF ERROR in your work to set your child up for success
  • The IMPORTANCE OF MOVEMENT and how to prioritize that in your prepared environment

Not only that, but I wrote up a workbook with questions to consider, space for you to take notes, AND 3 printable worksheets/activity guides:

  • Prepared Environment Checklist
  • Activity Guide for the Sensitive Periods from 0-6
  • Scaffolding Worksheet

Register Now for just $35!

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