Our Creation Station Maker Space for Elementary Kids

We have a wonderful finished attic space in our home that we used for several years as a Montessori homeschool preschool room. Now that the girls are older, we decided to turn it into a maker space that we call “The Creation Station” as a Christmas surprise for them! We were able to re-use many of our former homeschooling supplies like the shelves, art supplies, and most of the bits and pieces found in the containers in the crafting station. Transforming this room was a labor of love, and I’m so excited to give you all a closer look!

We’ll start with the art section, which is full of the girls’ favorite art supplies — including a “Paint Me” wall! Yes, we’re letting them use these paints right on the wall. If we ever move or want to repurpose this space, we’ll just paint over it! Here’s what else is on the art shelves:

Again, most of this was stuff we already had! I only purchased the paper organizer, the organizing tray, the Echo Dot, and the wall paints.

Then we have a potion making station which also includes the water source for the room, used for painting and making potions! Here’s what’s on this shelf:

I’m excited to see what the girls make with this stuff!

Then we have the crafting/sewing shelves, filled with various bits and pieces that we’ve used over the years in transfer works! Most of the containers are re-used from our homeschooling days, although a few pieces are new from Ikea. Here are some of the things on this shelf:

When the girls finish special projects, there are some shelves on the wall that serve as a Museum space for displaying their creations. This space was pretty much unusable because that’s where the radiator is, so we went with shelves that floated so the radiator would remain clear.

Next there’s a warm glue gun station with glitter glue, some drying racks for wet art projects, and a reading nook.

Then there’s a Nugget play couch for relaxing or building forts! I was originally going to buy a futon for this space so it could double as a guest room, but the Nugget is just as comfortable for sleeping and can also be used for other things, so we went with that. The girls are already planning their next sister sleepover for up there!

My favorite part is the cardboard construction zone! This section is mainly full of recyclables that we’ve been stockpiling for the girls to build with, including:

Last but not least, we have some of the materials that used to be on our homeschool preschool shelves that the girls still enjoy working with, like:

When we first decided to transform this room for Christmas, we put a sign on the door warning the kids not to come in while we were “cleaning” it. Then we wrote some scavenger hunt clues to lead them up here on Christmas morning!

They’ve been busily creating ever since! Here are some of their creations so far:

They absolutely LOVE our Creation Station Maker space, and I can’t wait to spend the next several years up there seeing what they create!