Our Favorite Montessori Resources for the Second Plane Child

If you’ve been around the Montessori world for a while now, you may have heard about the planes of development. Maria Montessori noticed certain human tendencies and characteristics in a wave of phases that she termed the Four Planes of Development. Each plane has its own goals and behaviors as a way of continuing along the path of development — taking into account academic, spiritual, moral, and emotional development.

Montessori’s observations showed her that human development isn’t linear — rather there are peaks and valleys. In each of the planes, development peaks about halfway through before tapering off toward the next plane.

The first plane of development covers the first 6 years of life (0-6), and is when the child is striving for physical and biological independence. This is the plane in which my training lies, so what was I to do when my own children grew out of it and began entering the second plane of development (6-12)? I looked for other experts, of course!

These are some of the second plane Montessorians I have come to trust as I seek to understand this new phase of development that my daughters have grown into:

@montessorifortheworld shares a lot on Instagram — her series on the sensitive periods of the second plane is so helpful, and you can still find them if you scroll back in the highlights on her bio.  She also has a Patreon community where she shares more about teaching in the 6-12 age range.    

@3mm.montessori is also on Instagram, and she has an e-course for parents of second plane children (ages 6-12) — I took it and really like it because it’s even for parents whose children go outside the home for school and how to still incorporate Montessori principles at home in the elementary years.  

@mainly.montessori shares her Montessori elementary homeschooling on Instagram, and I also really like her blog.

I don’t think she has an Instagram account, but Montessori Daoshi’s blog has a lot for second plane parents — especially about the attitude that comes with that age group.

@mchomeschool on Instagram shares a lot of her Montessori homeschooling with second plane children, and she includes a lot more details on her blog.

Following the child at this age looks a lot different than it did in the first plane of development, and I am grateful for all I have learned from those listed above! Here are a few blog posts I’ve written about things I’ve noticed with my own children in the second plane of development: