Montessori-Inspired Pi Day Printables

Do you celebrate Pi Day??? We are a bunch of nerds over here, so we’ve always celebrated! Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th because Pi = 3.14 (and a lot more numbers that my husband has memorized but I do not). So every year on Pi Day, we make and eat pie! Get it? Pi / Pie???

Learning the math behind Pi is super fun when combined with a Pie, and this year we’ll get to use these wonderful new Pi Day Printables by Every Star is Different! This pack includes 145 pages of Pi Day printables suitable for ages 3-12. Here’s what’s inside:

Preschoolers will love the playful way pie has been incorporated in size sequencing, color sorting, counting, and Pi vs. Pie sorting! Older children can practice their math skills as they learn all about decimals, equations to do with circles, and famous mathematicians throughout history.

The first thing we’ll be using this week are these Parts of a Circle nomenclature cards! Then I’m sure my daughters (ages 5 and 7) will love doing the equation cards to find the diameter, radius, circumference, and area of different circles.

I also highly recommend THIS BOOK as a companion to these printables!

This new Pi Day Printable Pack is 50% through this Pi Day only, so get it now and use it for years to come!

Get the Pi Day Printable Pack now!