Labeling Parts of a Hanukkiah (menorah) – Montessori-inspired Hanukkah Resources

We are not Jewish, but we strive to learn about all holidays throughout the year. My very favorite place to find Jewish holiday materials is on @ashspeedteaches’ Instagram page. I found these Parts of a Hanukkiah (Menorah) 3-Part Cards in her Teachers Pay Teachers shop and knew they would be perfect for our Hanukkah study! [Hanukkah begins on the evening of December 10th this year!]

In my experience, “Parts of a ….” cards get way more use when you pair them with a real object to label. So I bought this small menorah to go with the cards! In a 3-part card tray, I put the control cards, the label cards, and the menorah with candles.

We first read the information cards (not pictured) to see the order in which to put the candles in the menorah and the order in which to light them (did you know it’s different?!). Then we label each of the parts of the Hanukkiah with the label cards.

Ashley also has several sets for other Jewish holidays, so be sure to check out her shop!