Montessori-Friendly Small Shop Gift Guide for Infants through Adults

I had it on my blog list to write a gift guide this month, then I hesitated because I feel like gift guides are a bit overdone at this point. You can Google “gift guide” for literally anything and get a whole list of results, so why bother writing my own? But apparently some of my Instagram followers have been waiting to see what I would recommend, so I decided to put together this list of Montessori-friendly items from small shops for infants through adults!

Keep in mind that these are all items from small shops — this isn’t Amazon, which can ship something the next day. Small shops are run by one or two people and tend to have longer shipping times, so order as early as possible to make sure you receive the gift in time. Check each individual shop for their December shipping times.

Scroll through to see my Montessori-friendly small shop gift recommendations for infants, toddlers, children who love crafts/handiwork, emerging bakers, open-ended play, educational play, and Montessori teachers! [click on each photograph to go to that item]

Montessori-Friendly Gifts for Infants

Montessori-Friendly Gifts for Toddlers

Montessori-Friendly Gifts for Kids Who Love to Make

Montessori-Friendly Gifts for Kids Who Love to Bake

Montessori-Friendly Gifts for Open-Ended Play

Montessori-Friendly Gifts for Educational Play

Montessori-Friendly Gifts for Teachers

Happy Small Shop gift shopping!