Montessori-Inspired Diversity & Inclusion Printable Bundle

Well, she did it again. Renae from Every Star is Different came up with hundreds of pages of Montessori-inspired printables that I have not seen anywhere else before. And on such an important topic! I was so excited to see that she has created Montessori-Inspired Diversity & Inclusion printables, and I’d love to share them all with you!

Here’s what’s included:

  1. Montessori-Inspired Friendship Printable Pack (49 pages)
  2. Montessori-Inspired Relationships Printable Pack (58 pages)
  3. Montessori-Inspired Family Printable Pack (193 pages)
  4. Montessori-Inspired Spiritual Needs of Man Printable Pack (50 pages)

Now before you start commenting that these materials seems a bit inappropriate for children, this diversity and inclusion bundle was created because of questions Renae’s own children were asking. Children have eyes and ears, and that leads to questions about the things they see and hear around them. Isn’t it better to have the answers right at your fingertips? That’s what these materials provide. As always, here’s a closer look inside:

The Montessori-Inspired Friendship Printable Pack includes so much useful information on how to show affection to friends and how to make amends. It is especially helpful for introducing children to the disabilities they may have or see in people around them in a loving, informative way. I love that it contains materials that are helpful for all types of children and has several suggestions for modifications based on your child’s needs.

For example, this page shows how to use the Ways to Show Affection Nomenclature Cards with Family and Friend Sorting Cards — our cultures dictate these things differently, so your presentation of the material will vary based on your own cultural norms.

The Montessori-Inspired Relationships Printable Pack has taken a bit of heat already, but I’m here to tell you: your children have already seen LGBTQ+ Pride Flags and noticed different types of romantic relationships — and that’s okay. Here’s a note from Renae about this pack:

“The LGBTQ+ community is a minority. They are being discriminated against. They are being excluded by many. A bundle that teaches about diversity and inclusion would not be complete without including them. All depictions of LGBTQ+ community members are 100% kid friendly and appropriate for all audiences. There is no kissing or any other form of affection past putting an arm around each other, hugging, or putting heads together.  … There is no mention of the word ‘sex.’  When describing sexual preference only the words ‘romantic relationship’ are used. Definitions of the LGBTQ+ community members have been approved by members of the LGBTQ+ and heterosexual communities. This is a safe resource for children.”

If you would like to read more about Renae’s thoughts on this, you can read that HERE.

The Montessori-Inspired Family Printable Pack is perfect for preschoolers! I especially love how diverse the families are in the photographs and that it includes nomenclature cards for non-traditional families — such as adoptive parents, biological parents, foster parents, step-parents, etc. Everyone is included. My girls will especially love the My Family Book activities!

The Montessori-Inspired Spiritual Needs of Man Printable Pack looks at diverse and inclusive photographs and descriptions of the 4 spiritual needs of man (as defined by Montessori Services): Love, Religion, Culture, and Beauty. I especially love the picture and writing prompts that can be used with children from preschool through elementary school!

The entire Montessori-Inspired Diversity and Inclusion Bundle contains 364 pages and is selling for 75% off through April 5th only — that means you can get the whole thing for just $14.99! The best part of this bundle is that it includes so many photographs that you will be able to find the perfect fit for your family or classroom to make sure everyone who uses them feels included.

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