Montessori-Inspired Halloween Printables

And it’s finally fall!  Not technically, I suppose — but I’ve always thought of Labor Day Weekend as the last weekend of summer, so we are in fall gear over here!  This month Every Star is Different created an amazing collection of Montessori-Inspired Halloween printables!

What I really love about these printables is that they use real photographs instead of cartoony drawings and there’s nothing that’s too gory or scary for little ones despite the Halloween theme.

Here’s everything that’s included:

  1. Montessori-inspired Halloween Jack-o-lantern Printable Pack
  2. Montessori-inspired Halloween Animals Printable Pack
  3. Montessori-inspired Halloween Language Bundle
  1. Halloween Addition and Subtraction Math Fact Clip Cards
  2. Halloween Multiplication and Division Math Fact Clip Cards 

I won’t put these materials on our shelves until October 1st, but I’ve already started printing, cutting and laminating because there are so many amazing works included!  Here’s everything that’s inside:

The Montessori-inspired Halloween Jack-o-lantern Printable Pack has so many fun activities inside!  My very favorite one is the Pumpkin Emotions Nomenclature Cards — and I love that you can also match them to the Children Emotions Nomenclature Cards!  This printable pack includes so many fun ways to explore emotions, shapes, visual discrimination, sequencing, and so much more!

The Montessori-inspired Halloween Animals Printable Pack has something for every section of the classroom!  Nora loves playing Who Am I?, so I made sure to print those cards right away.  I love the realistic pictures of the animals and the wide variety of ways to use the materials throughout your classroom.

The Montessori-inspired Halloween Language Bundle has materials corresponding to the pink, blue, and green series works.  Nora is still on the pink series, so I only printed those cards for this year.  The others will come in handy in years to come!

The Montessori-Inspired Halloween Bundle also comes with two bonus packs containing math clip cards!  The bonus packs even include suggestions for fun Halloween-themed counters to use.  I only printed a few of the Halloween Addition Fact Clip Cards for my 3-year-old, so this is another material that we can use for several years.


You can find these Montessori-inspired Halloween printables HERE.