Dinosaur Museum Free Printable Scavenger Hunts

Last week we finished up our 4-month dinosaur study!  For our final review day, we headed over to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History [known as “the dinosaur museum” in our house] to check out the dinosaur fossils!

We’ve been there many times before, so this time I decided to make a quick little scavenger hunt the girls could complete in the Dinosaurs in Their Time exhibit to review some of what we learned during our dinosaur study.

For Nora [age 3, pre-reader], I made a visual scavenger hunt with pictures of some of the dinosaurs I knew would be in the museum.  Each time she found one, she dropped to the floor to put an X in the box beside the picture.

For Lila [almost 5, beginning reader], I made a written scavenger hunt with clues to different kinds of dinosaurs found at the museum.

Both girls were so excited to have something that was just their own, and they rushed around the dinosaur museum to complete the whole scavenger hunt.

Since I put all that time into making the scavenger hunts, I thought I’d share it with any of you who have dinosaur lovers at home!  The items on my scavenger hunts are ones that I knew we would find at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, PA.  If you are going to a different museum, you may not be able to find everything on the list.

Get your free printable Dinosaur Museum Scavenger Hunts HERE.




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