Montessori-Inspired Art & Music Bundle Review

Friends, it is so difficult to find high quality art and music materials that work well within Montessori principles — BUT NOT ANYMORE!  I was so excited to try out this new Montessori-Inspired Art & Music bundle, and it’s on sale at an insane 75% discount for this week only!

This amazing bundle is actually made up of three other bundles!

Its contents include:
1. NEW Montessori-inspired Art History Bundle
2. NEW Montessori-inspired Music History Bundle
3. NEW Montessori-inspired Music Theory Bundle

The materials included in this bundle cover famous artists and their paintings, a time line of art, examples of art found on all the continents, descriptions of different types of art, an introduction to various art techniques and tools, materials for learning to read music, a comparison of music and math elements, materials for music book making, fun games to play with examples of written music, an introduction to music conduction, materials for recognizing notes on a keyboard, materials about famous composers and their music, examples of instruments from around the world, and SO MUCH MORE!

This Montessori-Inspired Art & Music Bundle easily contains enough materials to cover a 3+ year art and music curriculum.  EASILY.

When I purchase a printable bundle that is going to last us years, I don’t print everything out all at once.  I choose just a few materials to start with, print and laminate those, and then choose the next group once the first group has been mastered.  Here’s what I printed first for our homeschool preschool:

I LOVE the Sorting Art by Time Period Cards that are part of the Montessori-Inspired Art History Bundle.  For each time period, there is a simple definition card noting characteristics that defined the art of that period, as well as five examples.  I put out just cards from the Medieval Period to start with, then I’ll add a new time period each month or so.

These Sorting Art by Continent Cards will likely have a permanent spot on our cultural shelf — they would have been perfect for our continent studies!

The last material I chose to print out now is these Musical Notation Nomenclature Cards.  We’ve been working on the individual note names, but I love how the bundle provides cards for learning the different lengths of the notes and rests as well as other pertinent vocabulary that you would find when reading music.

I JUST printed those materials out last night, so I haven’t had a chance to introduce them to the girls yet.  Be sure to follow along on Instagram this week as I share more on how we’re using them!

The Montessori-Inspired Art & Music Bundle sale is over, but you can still purchase each of the parts separately at the following links:

1. NEW Montessori-inspired Art History Bundle
2. NEW Montessori-inspired Music History Bundle
3. NEW Montessori-inspired Music Theory Bundle


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