Back-to-School Printables from Every Star is Different

We are all settled in to our new homeschool preschool room, and super excited to jump right back into our normal preschool routine!  We have spent the past week reviewing and testing out the new printables from Every Star is Different, and I am excited to be sharing these amazing printables with you!

If you are looking for some printables to cover pretty much every area of the classroom, here is a great selection for you:

1. The Ultimate Montessori Planner-68 pages
2. The ABCs of Montessori and Special Needs-78 pages
3. Montessori Letters and Sounds Printable Pack Bundle in print-138 pages
4. Montessori Math Bead Bar Printable Pack Bundle in print-192 pages
5. Montessori-inspired Continents and Oceans Printable Pack Bundle-97 pages
6. Montessori-inspired Introduction to Biology Printable Pack Bundle-157 pages
7. Montessori-inspired Letters and Sounds Play Dough Mats Bundle-53 pages
8. Montessori-inspired Math Bead Bars Play Dough Mats-42 pages

For Fall:
1. Montessori-inspired Fall Harvest Unit Study Syllabus-16 pages
2. Montessori-inspired Fall Harvest Printable Pack Bundle-41 pages
3. Montessori-inspired Autumn Math Facts Clip Cards Bundle-67 pages

There are over 800 printables included in this list, so I couldn’t possibly tell you about all of them.  But I’m excited to share some of our very favorites with you here!

I was originally just using a regular weekly planner, but I was so excited to hear about the Ultimate Montessori Planner because it actually has everything I need [and more!] already in it — and since it’s an undated printable, I can use it forever!  I love that the Ultimate Montessori Planner is tailored specifically to the things Montessori teachers and homeschoolers need to keep track of, and that it covers the preschool years AND the elementary years.  It even includes resources for children with special needs, so this planner really has it all.  This is seriously a game changer and has helped our Montessori homeschool preschool planning and record-keeping so much!  You can read my full review of just the planner part of this bundle HERE.

The Montessori Math Bead Bar Printable Bundle has been a favorite in our homeschool preschool for about a year now, and I can see us using this for several more years to come.  The materials can be used in conjunction with all of the Montessori bead bar activities [the bead bars depicted in the printable are the exact same size as the real bead bars], but if you don’t have those you can also use the printables all by themselves.  This pack has been a game-changer in terms of our understanding of numbers and quantities, especially when it comes to teaching the teens.  You can see everything that’s included in the Bead Bar Printable portion of this bundle HERE.

The Montessori-Inspired Continents and Oceans Printable Bundle is one of the brand new products that we were able to test out this week!  Lila loves making books, so I was so excited to see that it also included blank book pages for her to color in and write the names of the continents — but the BEST part of this bundle is that it also includes 3-part cards and book making materials for the oceans of the world.  I have ours printed and laminated and ready to go for next month!

Finally, I was super excited to get to test out the new Montessori-inspired Math Bead Bars Play Dough Mats.  So far I have only printed out numbers 1-3 and put it out with the corresponding playdoh colors for Nora, who has done it every day this week!

First she has to roll the playdoh into balls that will fit on the playdoh mat…

…then stick them onto the skewer representing the bar…

…and then she always runs over to the bead stair [unprompted] to match the corresponding bead bar to the playdoh bead bar!  Lila is anxious to get her hands on this work, so I’m going to have to print out the rest of the mats soon so she can make some of the larger quantities.

These are just a few of the amazing printables made by Every Star is Different.  Which ones are your favorites?