Montessori-Inspired Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers — Sorting by Size

If you follow along on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that N has a slight obsession with things that are “tiny.”  She frequently distinguishes objects as either “tiny” or “BIGGGGGG.”  When I saw this size sorting material as part of Max & Naoli’s Apple Unit Study, I knew it would be perfect for N’s current interests as well as useful for teaching that concept between tiny and big — “medium.”

The Small, Medium, Large Sorting work can be found on pages 52 and 53 of the Apple Unit Study — I printed the chart on regular paper but I used magnet paper for the hedgehogs and apples.  I knew N would be frustrated if she couldn’t get the pieces to stay still on the paper, so I put the chart on a magnetic cookie tray so the hedgehogs would stick in each column.  You could also do this using glue if you think your child might be frustrated — just make it a gluing work!

The printable comes with both hedgehogs and apples in the three different sizes, but I decided to use just the hedgehogs for our first presentation.  I love how the words “small,” “medium,” and “large” come in the appropriate size, so even though my girls can’t read yet, they can tell which column to put the different sizes in based on the word size.

N absolutely loves this work and has been choosing it from the shelf almost every day.  L likes it too!  It’s definitely time for me to put out the apple magnets along with the hedgehogs — I think they’re probably getting hungry by now!

More info about the full Apple Unit Study by Max  & Naoli:

PAGES: over 105 + 10 pages of folders folders that people can store their cards, puzzles, etc.

SUBJECTS: language, math, botany plus many puzzles, handwriting skills, hand-eye coordination practice, posters, mini books, workbook and so on

AGE GROUP: 3 – 7  (although several activities can easily be adapted for younger kids, as I did with N)


You can get the full Apple Unit Study printable HERE!

When I purchase a huge printable package like this, I don’t print it all out at once — I choose a few different activities to start with and then use the rest in the weeks and months to come.  To start with for L and N, I printed the size sorting work, apple counting clip cards, pre-writing practice, and apple number colouring cards (laminated for multiple use with dry-erase markers).  That’s only a small fraction of all the activities included in the printable, so this will last us for quite a while!












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