Setting the Table – Activities for Toddlers in the Dining Room

L has been unloading her plates, cups, and silverware from the dishwasher for a while now, so I decided it was time for her to start setting her own place at the table for each meal.  I set out each of the components on a low shelf that she can reach.  She begins by bringing a plate to the kitchen so I can put food on it.  I tell her which pieces of silverware she needs, and she puts each one at her place.  I also tell her to get a cup or a bib if it’s a really messy meal.  When she has finished setting her place, her plate is usually full.  She climbs into her chair and waits until we are all seated and have said our mealtime prayer to begin eating.  L loves being able to get everything ready for herself!

When L gets a little older, she can start helping me serve food onto her plate.  We can also begin discussing together which pieces of silverware she will need for a given meal.  My next step is to find a small pitcher so she can refill her cup during meals, as she has become quite interested in pouring liquids — I’ll let you know when I find the perfect one!