Activities for Toddlers – Ring Hanging

Most of L’s works are in our living room, so I’m trying to branch out and place things in other parts of the house.  When I was in the classroom, I came up with a quick hanging work when I found some hooks that we were just going to throw away.  I decided to recreate the work for L.
I hung some magnetic hooks on our fridge and placed a bowl full of bracelets on a radiator cover across from the fridge.  We call the bracelets “rings” to prevent L from just putting them on like bracelets, and so far that has worked.  When L discovered the bowl one day, I showed her how to hang each ring on a hook.  There are enough rings for each hook to hold three, so the work lasts a while.  When each ring is hung up, she takes them off and puts them back in the bowl.
This is an easy work to modify as your child gets better at it.  In my classroom, I started the year with the hooks and a basket full of bracelets, like this.  As the year went on, I switched out the bracelets for keychains, which are slightly more difficult to hang on the hooks.  By the end of the year, I had put out bells with a loop of yarn tied to them, the most difficult object to hang.