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Love the blog, but want to know how you can apply these Montessori concepts to your everyday life?  Intimidated by how independent my Montessori kids are, and wondering how you can ever get yours to do the same things?  Searching for some way to go further with your children and help them find who they were meant to be?


Look no further, friends.  I’ve created a course for that!

MOMtessoriLife's Montessori Parenting E-Course -- how to raise your child the Montessori way


Come discover some simple tips for how to be Montessori at home in my Montessori Parenting E-Course!

I’m so excited to share everything I’ve learned through my AMS training as well as trial and error as a Montessori parent!  This is a take-at-your-own-pace course — start when you’re ready, finish when you have time, and go back to it as often as you like!  And guess what, folks?  This is Montessori.  That means there are NO TESTS!!!

Join us as we dive into the major concepts of Montessori education before taking a tour of your home to see what simple changes you can make to follow your child!  We will also be getting into the dirty stuff — DISCIPLINE, and how to discipline your child in a way that makes sense and teaches lifelong lessons.

Students will also gain access to a private, invitation-only Facebook group where you can share your progress and ask more specific questions about your own home environment!  I will be popping in frequently to chat and be your own personal Montessori parenting consultant.


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This is NOT a homeschooling curriculum.  This course teaches a Montessori lifestyle — every moment thereafter will be a natural “homeschooling” process in your child’s daily life.


So join me in this adventure and enroll in my Montessori Parenting E-Course today!


“It is true that we cannot make a genius.  We can only give each individual the chance to fulfill his potential possibilities to become an independent, secure, and balanced human being.”  ~Maria Montessori


***There is an option to sign-up for video conference call consultations at a discount when you enroll in my Montessori Parenting E-Course!***


I am now offering a 1.5hr workshop to present at schools around the U.S. on how to bring Montessori into the home.  Contact me if you would like more information!

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I also have personalized Montessori parenting consultation options available — these range from written consultations to video conference call consultations to in-home observations and consultations.

To view my packages and rates:  Angela Chang | MOMtessori Life Consulting


***There is an option to sign-up for video conference call consultations at a discount when you enroll in my Montessori Parenting E-Course!***


WHY work with me for your Montessori Parenting needs?  Here’s a bit of my professional background:


+Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University, 2009

+0-3 American Montessori Society Certification from Princeton Center for Teacher Education, 2012


Montessori Experience:

+Montessori Toddler Teacher, Raritan Valley Montessori School, 2009-2012

+Montessori Toddler Teacher, Glen Montessori School, 2012-2014

+Montessori Infant Teacher, Glen Montessori School, 2014-2015

+Montessori Parenting Blogger and Consultant, MOMtessoriLife.com, 2015-present



“Our son just turned 3 and he’s so advanced with learning and is so keen to learn more every day.  My hubby is a certified Montessori teacher and I worked at a Montessori campus in Germany for many years.  We always knew we’d like to integrate it into our lives but weren’t always sure how.  He’s learning and getting through these activities faster than I can keep up with him!  It’s amazing.  Thank you!” ~ Sarah B.

“I met you at the [Bringing Montessori Into the Home] workshop (I had the two boys, ages 1 and 3…) – I’ve enjoyed implementing your ideas at home.  The prepared environment has done wonders for our household!” ~ Jocelyn F.

“Thank you Angela for your inspiration on a DAILY basis!  Seeing all the activities you do with your girls shows me I can do it! You really inspired me to kick off our homeschool reboot in a BIG way in December.  I’m really looking forward to it!” ~ Melissa P.