You’re Invited!

  I’d love to have you all over to my home for a HUGE party, but that would require for me to actually clean my house and for you to travel great distances to get here — so let’s do this on Facebook!  On Tuesday,  October 3rd, my friend and Usborne consultant Melissa will be […]

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Montessori Toddler Language — Object-to-Picture Matching with Free Printable

  N is moving swiftly along in our language section as her expressive language begins to explode, so I wanted to make some new object-to-picture matching cards to freshen up our shelves.  I looked through our Safari Ltd Toob collection and decided to use the animals from the Zoo Babies Toob. I laid out each picture […]

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Montessori Transfer Work Fillers (That Won’t Break the Bank)

A huge part of the Montessori Practical Life section [especially for toddlers] consists of different types of “transfer works.”  This is as simple as it sounds — work that is focused on transferring objects from one container to another.  The point of these works is to help develop fine motor skills, hand control, and self-care […]

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