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MOMtessori Life Living the Montessori life as a mom with two young children.

Hi, I’m Angela!  I received my AMS certification and taught in Montessori infant and toddler programs for six years before leaving to become a Stay-At-Home-MOMtessorian.  I currently have one preschooler (we’ll call her L) and a toddler (we’ll call her N), and my days are filled with following [my own] children and creating the optimal Montessori environment for them in our home.  I enjoy creating works based on their individual needs and interests, and love sharing them with other parents.  I also enjoy sharing tons of photos of my cute kids doing the Montessori thing, so please also follow me on Instagram and Facebook!


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If you are looking for a great school in the Pittsburgh area, look no further!  I used to work at the Glen, and the teachers there are the best I’ve found!

The Glen Montessori School

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