Small Group Coaching Program Open NOW!

My Small Group Coaching program is accepting a few new members, and I’d love to have you join us!

My Small Group Coaching program is a true community effort for parents of children ages 0-6, with all content customized to the group’s specific needs.  I will serve as your own Montessori guide: facilitating conversation, creating printable materials for you, answering questions and teaching on subjects that are important to you.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Group Coaching tier ($30/mo):

  • Weekly Check-Ins: I will put up a post asking you what topics you’d like to learn more about, and you’ll comment with what you need. Then I will write up/provide further resources based on those topics. This will happen every Monday, with answers spread throughout the week.
  • Printable Material: Once a month, I will take a poll to see what specific printable material you need for your own use – and then I’ll make it for you! I may sell it in my Etsy shop, but patrons in this tier will be able to download it for free. To see what printables members have received recently, look at the most recent additions to my Etsy shop.
  • Monthly Group Video Call: I host a monthly group video call on Zoom where we talk about anything you want – again, this is customized to the members in the group. These group video calls are recorded and shared in Patreon for one week after we meet.
  • Access to all previously published Patron-only content at this tier. There are hundreds of questions asked and answered already over the past two years, and you have instant access to all of them.

To see some examples of what the content in the group might include from month to month, you can read more in THIS BLOG POST.

If this is something that sounds like it would be a good fit for you, sign up before all of the spots are taken!

Join us!

Here’s what some of my current & former members have to say about the group:

“I love our group! I was looking for a group of likeminded people to discuss how to raise my toddler, using the Montessori method – this group exceeded my expectations! Our weekly check-ins are my favorite. We have the opportunity to ask the group questions that can range from how to use a Montessori material to book suggestions or even how to set up an area of our home! Angela always gives thorough and informational answers, but is also good at finding resources if it’s something she’s not particularly familiar with – and it’s always great to hear the other group members’ suggestions too. I suggest this group for anyone looking for a safe, respectful place to discuss how to raise an independent child. It definitely leans toward Montessori practices, but it goes way beyond that too!”


“I highly recommend Angela’s small group coaching! I had general knowledge of the Montessori method and put into practice some of the philosophies at home, but I didn’t know how to fully embrace it enough to homeschool my child. That changed in just a few weeks of being in the group. Her thoughtful and thorough responses to our weekly questions and the genuine support from other members in the group have helped me gain the confidence I needed to kickstart my homeschooling journey with my three-year-old!”

~Z. W.

“Being a member of Angela’s group coaching is like having her on retainer for all of the big and little questions you’re ever wondering about. I have asked for help with everything from designing a science study. for pre-k homeschool to helping my toddler cooperate with diaper changes! Angela’s advice is always spot on. Plus I get the support of a small group of like-minded parents with similar goals which I really love. I’ve been in the group for over [a year] and I don’t plan on going anywhere soon! I’m really glad I joined!”


“I found so much community in the small group coaching that I’ve come super close to deleting Instagram altogether. Angela is full of advice, as are the others in our group. I’m so thankful to have a spot to ask my homeschooling and just general parenting questions without judgment and with the real promise I’m going to get answers. Angela also goes above and beyond on helping us and creating resources for us. Keeping up this membership is a no brainer for me!”


“Angela’s small group coaching has been such a lovely experience! I’ve gotten invaluable feedback and resources on so many topics that come up with parenting a toddler. Angela always keeps it real while grounding her responses in the Montessori philosophy, and all of her experiences as a Montessori teacher and parent. Additionally, not only does Angela give so much great feedback, the whole community chimes in and shares their experiences too! These fellow parents have become friends and I only wish it were possible for us all to get together in person. I highly recommend joining this special community.”