Back to Homeschool Sale!!!

It’s here – my biggest sale of the year!  All of my e-courses and webinars are 30% off this week only with coupon code BTHS22!!!

I’ve taken my 13 combined years of experience in a Montessori classroom and as a homeschooling parent and created e-courses for all of your needs!  

What’s part of the Back to Homeschool Sale?

My Montessori Homeschool Preschool E-Course will take you step-by-step through the entire process:

  • Montessori philosophy as it pertains to child development between the ages of 0 and 6
  • setting up the learning environment
  • lesson prep and the order in which to present them
  • sample work trays in each section for ages 2, 3, and 4/5
  • how to create your own unit studies and Montessori materials [as well as where you can find them available for purchase]
  • creating your daily classroom rhythm
  • what to do when it all goes wrong!

As an add-on to the Montessori Homeschool Preschool E-Course, I also have lessons courses available, priced at well below $1 per video!  Each lessons course contains videos of lesson presentations in that subject area, along with a written lesson presentation below it, including all necessary materials. At the beginning of each lessons course, there is an overview of that subject area in the Montessori preschool environment, as well as an explanation of ways it might look different in a homeschool setting. I also include a shopping list where every material I mention in the lesson presentations is linked. You can purchase lessons courses individually by subject area or all together as the Lessons Bundle.

In my Montessori Buzzwords Webinar, we learn all about:

  • How to set up a prepared environment (along with a printable checklist)
  • What it means to be a prepared adult 
  • The planes of development – specifically the first plane of development from 0-6
  • The sensitive periods from age 0 to 6 (along with a printable activity sheet for each sensitive period)
  • Debunking some myths about the Montessori 3 hour work cycle
  • What “normalization” means and how to achieve it in your homeschool environment
  • How to recognize and make it through false fatigue
  • How to scaffold skills ( along with a printable scaffolding worksheet)
  • How to include a control of error in your work to set your child up for success
  • The importance of movement and how to prioritize that in your prepared environment

That’s 10 Montessori Buzzwords, explained in a way that you’ll be able to apply it to your homeschool environment right away, plus 3 printable worksheets/activity sheets included in a workbook for taking notes throughout the webinar.

Wondering how you can completely change your lifestyle to incorporate Montessori values in the upbringing of your children? It’s not as difficult as you might think! In my Montessori Parenting E-Course, you will get a detailed overview of the components of a Montessori home from a trained Montessorian’s perspective. 

Topics include: 

  • A Quick Montessori Overview — the basic terms explained
  • The Prepared Environment in Your Home — setting your child up for success in each room of your home
  • Following the Child to Create Activities in Your Home — a brief explanation of how to set up Montessori-inspired activities for your child at home
  • The Prepared Adult — ways to speak to young children
  • Offering Freedom Within Limits in Your Montessori Home — providing natural limits while still allowing your child the freedom of movement, choice, and time
  • Discipline the Montessori Way — all about natural and logical consequences and the power of positive redirection

There are also several videos that show exactly what a Montessori home can look like!

My Interacting with Children: Montessori Practices to Use in the Parent-Child Relationship Webinar is focused on the adult-child interaction as described by Maria Montessori and ways to apply that to your day-to-day parenting of small children.

Explore the parent’s role as:

  • Follower of the Child
  • Protector of Concentration
  • Practicer of Intentional Communication
  • Provider of Boundaries
  • A Place of Loving Security

This video course includes:

  • a pre-recorded 44 minute webinar on Interacting with Children: Montessori Practices to Use in the Parent-Child Relationship
  • a printable Guided Journal to use as a companion to the webinar
  • a printable The Waiting Hand book to read with your child

Montessori is not restricted to your indoor spaces — there is a lot that can be done in the great outdoors! Just as in your indoor spaces, you can prepare your outside environment by creating what I call “yes” spaces. These are spaces that your children are allowed — actually, encouraged— to explore freely.  The Prepared Environment for Outdoor Spaces Mini E-Course is a simple guide with ideas for providing those opportunities as well as questions to ask yourself about your own outdoor space that can help you prepare your environment to create those “yes” spaces.

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1300+ parents have decided to invest in my e-courses over the years – and I’ll let their own words speak for themselves!

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