Montessori Summer Mega Bundle 2021 — limited Time Only!

It’s back! We are back with another HUGE Montessori Summer Mega Bundle featuring summer-themed printable materials from 45 different Montessori makers — and it’s better than ever! If you’ve already purchased our past mega bundles, you know that each of these bundles contains a wide variety of materials. This bundle is the same, with about 3,000 pages of materials for ages 2 to 9+ — and everything in it is new to the bundle! That means if you bought last year’s summer bundle, you won’t find repeats in this year’s summer bundle. PLUS five of my very own printables are included in the Montessori Summer Mega Bundle 2021!

I’ll share the full list of printables at the bottom of this post, but first — here are my contributions plus some of the ones I’ve printed out so far!

My Montessori-inspired skip counting puzzles are some of my best selling printables, and I’ve included three different sets in the Summer Mega Bundle! The numbers on each puzzle correspond to that base number’s Montessori bead bar color, and the picture in the puzzle contains that base number of objects! I love being creative with controls of error like that. This bundle contains a printable puzzle for counting by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, and 10s for each theme — Flags, Elephants, and Sea Creatures.

I’ve also contributed my Montessori Phonetic Command Cards to the Summer Mega Bundle — in print AND cursive! There are 12 different commands that correspond to the pink series, 12 for the blue series, and 12 for the green series. These have been a favorite work in our Montessori homeschool preschool for years!

My final contribution to the Summer Mega Bundle is another bestseller — my Sentence Starters in print and cursive! These writing prompts work beautifully alongside the movable alphabet or with a writing journal to inspire young children as they’re exploring building sentences. These have absolutely transformed the way my girls used the movable alphabet in our homeschool preschool for the better!

This Farmer’s Market math game by The Modern Montessori Guide is one of the new products I immediately printed out for my girls. We go to our local farmer’s market every week, and they’re loving adding up all of the produce to find the total for each card!

This Place Value Guess who game by Modern Classical Homeschool is another one that made it onto our math shelf from the Summer Mega Bundle! It’s been providing tons of practice for both girls (ages 5.5 and 7) during summer break from school!

And finally, my very favorite — these Artist Prompts by Modern Classical Homeschool! These completely transformed our art shelves — I removed my prepared art trays and just put out the prompts with all of the art supplies so the girls can build their own art trays according to the artist prompt they choose. So much fun!

That’s JUST the stuff I printed out to use right away — there’s so much more included in the Summer Mega Bundle! Here’s everything:

List of Resources (alphabetically by contributor):

3 Little Lambs Homestead

  • Fruits of the Spirit (ages: 3 – 9, subject: bible study, character study, language)

A Childhood Set Apart

  • Adam & Eve (ages: 3 – 9, subject: bible, language)
  • Beyond Earth: Astronomy & Space Travel (ages: 3 – 12, subject: science, language, math)
  • Scripture Posters (ages: 3 – 9, subject: bible, language)
  • Story of Creation (ages: 3 – 9, subject: bible, language)

A Handful of Blessings

  • Frog Fun! 5 Little Frogs (ages: 3 – 6, subject: math)
  • Nature Story Prompts (ages: 3+, subject: language)
  • Summer Bucket List (ages: all ages, subject: practical life)
  • Summer Nature Art Study (ages: all ages, subject: art, sensorial)
  • Summer Nature Poems (ages: all ages, subject: language)

Bruna Masalin Designs

  • Honey Bees Unit Study (ages: 3 – 8, subject: zoology)

Carrots Are Orange

  • Biomes of the World & Animals of the Biomes (ages: 3 – 9, subject: geography)
  • Bears Geography Match (ages: 3 – 9, subject: geography)
  • 50 Countries to flags match (ages: 3 – 6, subject: geography)
  • Land, Air, Water sorting (ages: 3 – 6, subject: geography, language)
  • Types of Rocks  & Landmark Matching (ages: 3 – 6, subject: geography)

Crafts Fun and Learning

  • Camping First and Second Grade Learning Pack (ages: 6 – 9, subjects: language, math,practical life)
  • Summer First and Second Grade Learning Pack   (ages: 6 – 9, subjects: language, math, practical life)
  • Summer Spot It Fast Game (ages: 3 – 15, subjects: practical life)
  • Summer Go Fish Game (ages: 3 – 15, subjects: practical life)
  • Seaside Bingo (ages: 3 – 15, subjects: practical life)

Design Studio Teti

  • 25 Summer Activities (ages: 3 – 6, subjects: language, math, motor skills, sensorial)

Honeycomb Cabin

  • Summer Night Mini-Beast (ages: 3 – 12, subjects: botany, language)

Hudson Academy of Curiosity

  • Seashells Alphabet Cards (ages: 2 – 6, subjects: language)
  • Ocean Sight Words Game (ages: 4 – 7, subjects: language)
  • Tropical Fish Montessori Three-Part Cards (ages: 6 – 10, subjects: language)

Jo Jo Ebi

  • Summer Festivals Activities  (ages: 3 – 9, subjects: geography, language)
  • Summer Festivals Three-Part Cards (ages: 3 – 9, subjects: geography, language)

Khadine DECO

  • Summer Placemat Bundle (ages: 1 – 4, subjects: practical life)

Kindle Togetherness

  • Awe & Wonder – Summer Nature Study (ages: 3-12, subjects: botany, geography, history, math, practical life, science, sensorial)

Little Folk Learning

  • Shells Collection (ages: 3 – 6, subjects: language, math,science)

Little Hands Learn

  • Four Seasons Mini Unit Study (ages: 3 – 6, subjects: science)

Little Spark Company

  • Rainbow Fish Preschool Bundle (ages: 2 – 4, subjects: language, practical life, sensorial)

Living Montessori Now

  • Ocean-Themed, Editable Name and Word Tracing Pack (ages: 3 – 6, subject: geography, language, zoology)

Mama’s Happy Hive

  • Pond & River Activity Bundle (ages: 3 – 6, subject: zoology)

Matty and Millie

  • Ocean Animals Busy Book (ages: 3 – 5, subject: zoology)
  • Bugs Busy Book (ages: 3-5, subject: zoology)

Modern Classical Homeschool

  • American Sign Language Word Search Set (ages: 6 – 9, subject: language)
  • Art Starts Artist Prompts Card Set (ages: 3 – 9, subject: art)
  • Montessori Place Value Guess Who (ages: 4 – 6, subject: math)

Modern Imagination

  • Black Bear and Spirit Bear Nature Study (ages: 3 – 6, subject: zoology)

Momma in Japan

  • Camping Activity Pack (ages: 3 – 6, subjects: language, math)

*MOMtessori Life*

  • Elephant Skip Counting Puzzles (ages: 3 – 9, subject: math)
  • Sea Creatures Skip Counting Puzzles (ages: 3 – 9, subject: math)
  • Command Cards in Cursive and Print (ages: 3 – 6, subject: language)
  • Flag Skip Counting Puzzles (ages: 3 – 9, subject: math)
  • Movable Alphabet Writing Prompts in Cursive and Print (ages: 3 – 6, subject: language)

Montessori Inspired Co

  • By The Seashore Learning Bundle (ages: 3 – 6, subject: geography)
  • World Biome Mats in Cursive and Print (ages: 3 – 6, subject: geography)

Montessori Kiwi

  • Summer Skip Counting (ages: 5 – 7, subject: math)

Montessori Multilingual

  • Estivation Summer Hibernation (ages: 3 – 8, subject: zoology, math, language)

Montessori Soul

  • Costa Rican Animals Learning Pack (ages: 3 – 9, subject: science)

Montessori Tube Academy

  • Camping Activity Pack (ages: 3 – 7, subject: language, math)
  • Helping Your Child Unleash the Artist Within (ages: 3 – 9, subject: art)
  • Montessori Checkerboard Digital Template (ages: 6 – 9, subject: math)

Mornings Together 

  • Ocean Learning Pack (ages: 3 – 6, subject: science)
  • Ocean Scavenger Hunt Cards (ages: 3 – 6, subject: science)
  • Ocean Three Part Cards (ages: 3 – 6, subject: science)

My Darling Chickadee

  • Calendar Time Pages For Littles (ages: 2 – 8, subject: science)
  • Frog and Toad Coloring Pages (ages: 2 – 8, subject: science)
  • Weather Mat (ages: 2 – 8, subject: science)

Nathan Anderson 

  • Wildflowers Workbook (ages: 6 – 11, subject: botany)

Natural Beach Living

  • Large Summer Pack (ages: 3 – 8, subject: all areas)

Our Life in the Shire

  • Animals of the World – Africa (ages: 3 – 9, subject: language, math, zoology)

Purple Nest Kid Creations

  • Animal Habitat Sorting Activity (ages: 3 – 6, subject: zoology)
  • Frog Life Cycle (ages: 3 – 6, subject: zoology)
  • Rainforest Mini Bundle(ages: 3 – 9, subject: zoology)
  • Travel Busy Book Bundle (ages: 2 – 4, subject: language, math)

Tacklebox Montessori

  • National Parks, Monuments, Forests & Grasslands (ages: 3-9, subject: history, language, research)

The Art Kit

  • Hummingbird Unit Study (ages: 3 – 10, subject: art, language, math, sensorial)

The Brilliant Bungalow

  • Passport and Stamp Book (ages: all ages, subject: geography)
  • Unit Study Planner and Book List (ages: all ages, subject: geography)
  • Where in the World Geography (ages: all ages, subject: geography)
  • World Unit Study (ages: all ages, subject: geography)

The Everyday Planner

  • The Everyday Homeschool Planner and Calendar (ages: 12+, subject: planning/organizing)

The Masterpiece Studio

  • Adventures in Norway (ages: 3-9, subject: art, geography, language)
  • Bears in the Mountains (ages: 3-9, subject: art, language, practical life, zoology)
  • Crabapple Adventure (ages: 3-9, subject: art, botany, language, math, practical life)
  • Peacocks in the Garden (ages: 3-9, subject: art, language, practical life)
  • Trumpet of the Swan (ages: 3-9, subject: art, geography, language, practical life)

The Modern Montessori Guide

  • Build Your Own Sentences – Garden Edition (ages: 6 – 9, subject: language) 
  • Finding Grammar in Works of Art- Summer Theme (ages: 6 – 9, subject: art, language) 
  • Farmer’s Market Word Problems (ages: 6 – 9, subject: math) 
  • Life Cycle and Parts of the Fish (ages: 6 – 9, subject: zoology) 

The Prepared Environment

  • Fish Art Bundle (ages: 3 – 6, subject: art)

This Growing Life

  • Alphabet and Numeral Early Learning Pack (ages: 2-8, subject: language, math)

Well and Willow

  • Earth Day Count and Clip Cards (ages: 3 – 6, subject: math)
  • Farm Animals Busy Book (ages: 3 – 6, subject: practical life)
  • Transportation Busy Book (ages: 3 – 6, subject: math)

Wild Feather Edu

  • Bees Study Pack (ages: 3 – 11, subject: botany, language, zoology)

Willow & Owl

  • Rainforest Explorer Collection (ages: 5 – 15, subject: botany, geography, history, science, zoology)

In addition, many of the contributors offer store discounts and gift cards that the buyers can redeem.

This Montessori Summer Mega Bundle 2021 is valued at about $800, but you can get it on sale for just $25 through Tuesday, June 22nd at 11:59pm PST! After that, all of these materials will only be available for full price.

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