Montessori Fall Mega Bundle 2020 — Limited Time Only!

We’re back with another Montessori Mega Bundle — this time, full of fall-themed printable materials! This thing is absolutely HUGE!  It contains about $400 worth of materials for just $25 — that’s 95% off!

This bundle contains over 1,500 pages of printables from 29 different Montessori creators — including me!  There are materials for learning about leaves, pumpkins, grammar, the solstice, and so much more!

Whenever I’m promoting a bundle this huge, everyone asks how I handle preparing the printables afterwards.  This is what works for me:  as soon as I get it, I download everything to store on my computer or on Dropbox so I don’t lose the original download links.  Then I print just the ones we’ll be using right away.  When I have some free time over the next few weeks/months, I print the rest and get it all ready to pull out whenever we need it.  [For a detailed Table of Contents so you can see exactly where each printable material is in the bundle, join my email list!]

I’m going to share a bit about EVERYTHING that’s included in this Montessori Fall Mega Bundle 2020, but first I want to show you just the parts I printed right away!

Something that’s different about this particular mega bundle is that several of the materials are 3-dimensional! Usually when you think of “printables,” you think of flat pieces of paper. But there are multiple parts of the Montessori Fall Mega Bundle that can be turned into 3-D materials — like my printable Montessori Grammar Farm, this Fall movement cube from Natural Beach Living, and an Around the World version of the classic Guess Who? game by Modern Classical Homeschool.

Skip counting puzzles are some of our favorite things to use in our Montessori homeschool preschool, and I love that the ones by Our Life in the Shire include blank puzzles so you can make your own! My daughter made her own rainbow counting by 10s puzzle — with her face as the sun!

I may have a *slight* pumpkin obsession that results in us somehow obtaining about 25+ pumpkins each fall, so I was super excited to see all of the materials in Natural Beach Living’s Montessori Pumpkin file — like the Growth Cycle of a Pumpkin chart, 3-Part cards, and Pumpkin Counting cards.

My girls are really into proclaiming things “symmetrical” or not lately, so I knew they’d love these leaf symmetry grid drawing sheets from the Natural Homeschool. These will be going in our art section!

You can’t have a fall bundle without some materials about fall leaves! I always love having seasonal options for pattern work, and I love the colors of these leaf pattern strips by the Natural Homeschool. I usually add a velcro dot to the blank spot to help the missing piece stay put!

And of course it’s helpful to learn the names for the different leaves! These 3-Part cards are from the HudsonsBay Foliage file and only represent one of the pages — there are so many more included in the pack!

Finally, my girls always enjoy a good game of memory, and apple picking is a fun activity we love to do in the fall! Younger children can use these cards from the Art Kit’s Apple Bundle as picture matching cards.

Did I mention that my printable grammar farm is included in the Montessori Fall Mega Bundle with the labels in print AND cursive??? Obviously, this is my favorite part of the bundle. Farms remind me of fall, but this is a material that you could keep out year-round — and for several years, at that! You can read more about my grammar farm HERE.

That was just a *tiny* taste of everything inside this giant Montessori Fall Mega Bundle 2020!  Here’s a full list of everything that’s included:

List of Products (with appropriate age range):

3 Little Lambs Homestead

  • Holistic Hygge Eggshell Candle Packet (6+ )

Carrots Are Orange

  • Latin Activities for Lower Elementary (6 – 9)
  • Adjectives Activity Pack (6 – 9)


  • 10+ Montessori Matching Activities 

Every Star Is Different

  • Autumn Language Printable Pack (3 – 6)
  • Autumn Math Printable Pack (3 – 6)

Heritage Letter

  • John Chapman (aka Johnny Appleseed) Heritage Letter (3 – 12)
  • Sequoyah Heritage Letter (3 – 12)

Hudson Academy of Curiosity

  • Foliage Three-Part Cards (5 – 10)
  • Fall In Love With Sight Words Cards(4 – 6)
  • Autumn Scavenger Hunt (2 – 9)
  • Autumn Count and Graph (3 – 6)


  • Montessori Mushroom Cards Bundle (3 – 6)

Khadine DECO

  • Fall Themed Placemats (3 – 6)

Little Hands Learn

  • Access to LHL monthly plan (first 2 weeks) (3 – 7)
  • Air Land Water – Montessori Printables, Lesson Plans, Videos, DIY Projects 

Little Spark Company

  • Animals of the World Cursive Writing Workbook (4 – 9)

Living Montessori Now

  • Animal-themed, Editable Name and Word Tracing Pack (3 – 6)

Modern Classical Homeschool

  • Montessori World Continents Printable Guess Who Bundle (6 – 9)

MOMtessori Life

  • Printable Montessori Grammar Farm with Labels in Print and Cursive (3 – 9)

Montessori Kiwi

  • Number Bonds Pack (5 – 7)


  • Space and Weather Printables (3 – 9)

Montessori Tube Academy

  • Fruits and Vegetables (3 – 7)

My Montessori Hub

  • Fall Mini Bundle (3 – 7)

Natural Beach Living

  • Montessori Pumpkin Unit (3 – 9)
  • Fall Preschool Montessori Activities (3 – 6)

Our Life in the Shire

  • Forest Animals Montessori Set (3 – 8)

Plenty of Trays

  • Kitchen Tools – 3 part cards (3 – 6)

Tacklebox Montessori

  • Suffixes & Prefixes – Word Study in Cursive (3 – 9)

The Art Kit

  • Apple Bundle: Math, language arts, and art for young learners (3+ )

The Brilliant Bungalow

  • Autumn Unit Study (6 – 9)
  • Adventure Report and Scavenger Hunt (4 – 9)

The Masterpiece Studio

  • Bears in the Mountains – Learning Pack
  • Busy as a Bee – Learning Pack

The Natural Homeschool

  • Montessori Fall Printable Bundle – 10 Activities

The Peaceful Press

  • Alphabet Rhymes (3 – 6)
  • Photo Word Cards (3 – 6)

The Prepared Environment

  • Fall Art Bundle (3 – 6)

This French Mom

  • Visual Recipes (3 – 9)

Twig & Moth

  • Moon, Eclipse, Solstice, Equinox (3 – 9)

As if that’s not wonderful enough, you’ll also get the following store discounts:

  • Carrots Are Orange – 15%
  • Hudson Academy of Curiosity – 20%
  • KhadineDECO – 10%
  • Living Montessori Now – 40%
  • My Montessori Hub – 50%
  • Natural Beach Living – 50%
  • Our Life in the Shire – 15%
  • Plenty of Trays – 25%
  • The Art Kit – 30%
  • The Brilliant Bungalow – 10%
  • The Natural Homeschool – 40%
  • The Prepared Environment – 50%

Hurry and get your Montessori Fall Mega Bundle 2020 now, because this 95% off deal disappears on Sunday, September 20th at 11:59pm PST!


I will be donating 20% of my personal proceeds from the bundle to anti-racist/Black Lives Matter organizations.

P.S.  I’m putting together a complete Table of Contents listing exact page numbers for where you can find each material for my email subscribers — a link to it will be going out in all of my emails this week!  I am also working on a bunch of unit study ideas (along with which printables from the bundle you can use for them) for my email subscribers — that one will be going out to everyone on my list on Saturday, so sign up now to get it!