Montessori Summer Mega Bundle 2020

We’re back with another Montessori Mega Bundle — this time, full of summer-themed printable materials and e-courses! This thing is absolutely HUGE!  It contains almost $500 worth of materials for just $25 — that’s 95% off!

This bundle contains e-courses and almost 2,000 pages of printables from 29 different Montessori creators — including me!  There are materials for learning about clouds, chemistry, insects, water and landforms, and so much more!

Whenever I’m promoting a bundle this huge, everyone asks how I handle preparing the printables afterwards.  This is what works for me:  as soon as I get it, I download everything to store on my computer or on Dropbox so I don’t lose the original download links.  Then I print just the ones we’ll be using right away.  When I have some free time over the next few weeks/months, I print the rest and get it all ready to pull out whenever we need it.  [For a detailed Table of Contents so you can see exactly where each printable material is in the bundle, join my email list!]

I’m going to share a bit about EVERYTHING that’s included in this Montessori Summer Mega Bundle 2020, but first I want to show you just the parts I printed right away!

First up, we have the American Landscapes Art Puzzles by Little Spark Company.  I always have some art appreciation cards available on our shelves, and I love that these summer landscapes are puzzles! The set also comes with several different activities you can do with other parts of the American Landscapes Art Cards, so we can be studying these particular paintings for a couple of months at least.

I also always have some kind of pattern work on our math shelves at all times, and I love these summer themed pattern strips by The Art Kit! I plan on laminating these and adding a velcro dot to the empty square and the backs of the square tiles so they don’t slide around once matched.

There are so many insects buzzing around in the summertime, and I’ve caught my four-year-old calling them all either flies or ants… so super excited about these Types of Insects 3-Part Cards from Mama’s Happy Hive so she can learn the real names of common insects around our home! Where we live, it’s especially important to be able to identify ticks, so I was glad to see them included in this set.

Land and Water Forms are always fun to study, and I love this beautiful watercolor set by Green Urban Creative! I printed these on cardstock and will pair them with some blue and green play dough so we can make our own land and water forms!

You saw last week how we’ve been exploring mapping work, so I was super excited to find this “Reading a Map” activity from Stories Begin at Home! It comes with task cards to direct the map exploration, and I just know that my 6-year-old is going to love it!

There are several materials about the phases of the moon, and I decided to print out this poster from The Brilliant Bungalow. I’m planning on hanging it up on the wall in my 6-year-old’s bedroom next to the window with a view of the moon during the summer!

Speaking of posters, there are so many great options in the Montessori Summer Mega Bundle 2020! I like to change my posters monthly, so these two are first up for the summer — the Firefly poster is by Stephanie Hathaway Designs and the Types of Clouds poster is by Brave Grown Home. If you’re not into posters, both of these materials also come with cards and entire unit studies about those subjects.

I had already been planning on doing an in-depth money study this summer, so imagine my surprise when I found these amazing money materials from Carrots Are Orange! I love that they are perfectly sized to use with real change, and I know we’re going to have a great time with these. There’s also an e-book about helping kids become financially responsible adults included in the Montessori Summer Mega Bundle 2020!

And of course we can’t forget the printables I contributed to the bundle — my Pink Series CVC Templates, now in print AND cursive. I’ve also included printable movable alphabet tiles that fit the squares in the CVC templates perfectly.

That was just a *tiny* taste of everything inside this giant Montessori Summer Mega Bundle 2020!  Here’s a full list of everything that’s included:

List of Products:

E-Courses/E-Books by:

Carrots Are Orange:

  • Growing Up Centsible: a no nonsense guide to helping kids become financially responsible adults

Montessori Tube Academy:

  • Sewing e-course

Printables by:

3 Little Lambs Homestead:

  • Learning through Play(dough)

Brave Grown Home:

  • Cloud Identification Guide

Carrots Are Orange:

  • Money Activity Pack

Chickie & Roo:

  • Animal Anatomy Coloring Collection
  • Kinder Nature Beginnings — Math 1-10

Every Star is Different:

  • Chemistry Preschool Pack
  • Periodic Table of Elements

Fiddlesticks Education:

  • Safari Early Years Pack

Green Urban Creative:

  • Landforms 3-Part Cards
  • Treefrog Life Cycle
  • Creation Story Cards

Home in the Shire:

  • Montessori-Inspired Flowers Bundle

Khadine DECO:

  • Printable placemats

Little Spark Company:

  • Canadian Landscapes by Tom Thomson Art Cards Set
  • American Landscapes Art Card Set

Living Montessori Now:

  • Summer-Themed, Editable Name and Word Tracing Pack

Mama’s Happy Hive:

  • Montessori Continents 3-Part Cards
  • Summer Insect Bundle
  • African Savannah Language Mat
  • Layers of the Earth

Modern Classical Homeschool:

  • Moon Landing Anniversary Bundle

MOMtessori Life:

  • Pink Series CVC Templates in Print
  • Pink Series CVC Templates in Cursive
  • Printable Movable Alphabet in Print & Cursive

Montessori Soul:

  • Animal Classification and the Montessori Sun Game

My Montessori Hub:

  • Water & Landforms in Real Life
  • Early Math — 1-10 Number Mats
  • Editable I Can Do It Chart
  • Alphabet Writing Mini Book
  • Alphabet Cards & Wall Poster
  • Letters Writing Pack
  • Days of Creation Copywork

Natural Beach Living:

  • Summer Camp at Home

Stephanie Hathaway Designs:

  • Firefly Unit Study Bundle
  • STEM Alphabet Bundle

Stories Begin At Home:

  • The Rainforest Guide
  • The Camping Pack

Tacklebox Montessori:

  • Cooking Sequence Cards

The Art Kit:

  • Summer Mega Bundle

The Brilliant Bungalow:

  • Nature Themed Educational Bundle

The Gentle + Classical Press:

  • ABC Watercolor Flashcards Print
  • Math Memory Statements Cards

The Master Piece Studio:

  • Coconut Learning Pack and Mini Hawaiian Adventure with the Masterpiece Class

The Natural Homeschool:

  • Montessori Beach Summer Bundle

This French Mom:

  • Weather Tree
  • Visual Recipes

Twig & Moth:

  • Freshwater Fish Poster & Learning Cards

Willfully Serving His Children:

  • Succulent Bake Study
  • Italy Bake Study
  • Bee Calendar

As if that’s not wonderful enough, you’ll also get the following store discounts:

  • Brave Grown Home – 15% off
  • Carrots Are Orange – 20% off
  • Chickie and Roo – 25% off
  • Fiddlesticks Education – 30% off
  • Green Urban Creative – 20% off on digital products
  • KhadineDECO – 10% off
  • Little Spark Company – 20% off
  • Living Montessori Now – 50% off
  • Modern Classical Homeschool – 30% off
  • My Montessori Hub – 50% off on digital products
  • Natural Beach Living – 50% off
  • Stephanie Hathaway Designs – 25% off
  • Stories Begin at Home – 15% off
  • Tackle Box Montessori –  50% off on digital products
  • The Art Kit – 20% off
  • The Brilliant Bungalow – 10% off
  • The Gentle + Classical Press – 20% off through to August 31st, digital only excludes On Mission
  • The Master Piece Studio – 10% off for the month of June
  • The Natural HomeSchool – 40% off
  • This French Mom – 15% off
  • Twig & Moth – $5 off any order

Hurry and get your Montessori Summer Mega Bundle 2020 now, because this 95% off deal disappears on Sunday, June 14th at 11:59pm PST!


I will be donating 20% of my personal proceeds from the bundle to anti-racist/Black Lives Matter organizations.

P.S.  I’m putting together a complete Table of Contents listing exact page numbers for where you can find each material for my email subscribers — a link to it will be going out in all of my emails this week!  I am also working on a bunch of unit study ideas (along with which printables from the bundle you can use for them) for my email subscribers — that one will be going out to everyone on my list on Saturday, so sign up now to get it!

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