It’s back! We are back with a HUGE Montessori Spring Mega Bundle featuring spring printable materials from 28 different Montessori makers — and it’s better than ever! If you’ve already purchased our past mega bundles, you know that each of these bundles contains a wide variety of materials, mainly for ages 2 to about 6, but sometimes up to 9. This bundle is the same, and everything in it is brand new! That means if you bought last year’s spring bundle, you won’t find repeats in this year’s spring bundle. PLUS two of my very own printable packs are included in the Montessori Spring Mega Bundle 2020!

Whenever I’m promoting a bundle this huge, everyone asks how I handle preparing the printables afterwards. This is what works for me: as soon as I get it, I download everything to store on my computer or on Dropbox so I don’t lose the original download links. Then I print just the ones we’ll be using right away. When I have some free time over the next few weeks/months, I print the rest and get it all ready to pull out whenever we need it. Here’s what I printed straight away:

[scroll down to see the entire list of contents]

Just like many of you, my oldest child is home from school during the COVID-19 pandemic, so I was especially grateful to find many materials that she will find interesting at the elementary age level. Chickie and Roo’s Garden Unit for Lower & Upper Elementary is perfect for my 6-year-old to explore while her school is closed. I especially love these Under & Over in the Garden materials to compare how different vegetables grow!

These Butterfly reading strips by Carrots Are Orange are perfect for my emerging reader! You could also use this as a game where one person reads the sentence and the other has to find the picture that matches.

I am absolutely in love with these gorgeous flower pattern strips in Fiddlesticks Kids’ Spring Early Years Curriculum Pack! I know that both of my girls (ages 4 and 6) will have a blast with these.

There are also a ton of bird materials in the Montessori Spring Mega Bundle 2020! I love these nomenclature cards and coloring pages from Natural Beach Living’s All About Birds Study Pack. The nomenclature cards also come with the parts to use them as 3-part cards.

There are so many beautiful posters included in the Montessori Spring Mega Bundle 2020! I particularly love the Flower Anatomy Poster by Chickie and Roo and the Anatomy of Eastern Black Walnut poster by Stephanie Hathaway Designs — they are both ones that we can take outside to use with the natural flora in our backyard!

The Parts of a Castle materials by Montessori Soul are ones that can be used all year long! I know that my elementary child is going to find this very interesting — it might even inspire her next research project!

There are materials for every section of the classroom in the Montessori Spring Mega Bundle 2020! My girls will love the skip counting puzzles included in the All About Birds Study Pack by Natural Beach Living.

These magnet experiment cards are another material that I know my elementary child will love while her school is closed — and this can also be used year-round! This is just one of many activities found in the Magnets Investigation Activities pack by Montessori Tube Academy.

And of course we can’t forget my very own Montessori-Inspired Color Bundle! This is part of the Montessori Spring Mega Bundle 2020 along with my printable Montessori color tablets. I’m a bit biased, but this is my very favorite part of the bundle this year! Why is a color bundle part of an activity pack about spring? Because my favorite part of spring is that suddenly the world is full of color again. Celebrate it with me!

That’s JUST the stuff I printed out to use right away — there’s so much more included! Here’s everything:

List of Resources (alphabetically by contributor)

3 Little Lambs Homestead

  • DIY Re-usable Teabag Guide

Carrots Are Orange

  • Spring Bundle – Chicken, Frog, and Butterfly Themed Sets

Chickie and Roo

  • Flower Prep Pack
  • Garden Unit Lower & Upper Elementary

Every Star Is Different

  • Bird Printable Bundle

Fiddlesticks Kids

  • Garden Bird Eggs
  • Garden Bird Pack
  • Spring Early Years Curriculum Pack

The Gentle + Classical Press

  • On Mission: India (Unit Study Guide)

Green Urban Mama

  • Pacific Northwest Alphabet Cards
  • Rainbow Trout Life Cycle


  • Spring & Easter Themed Printable Placemats

Little Spark Company

  • I Can Read Bingo

Living Montessori Now

  • Thank You for Planet Earth (or Thank You, Planet Earth) Mindfulness Cards and Booklet in Manuscript & Cursive

Mamas Happy Hive

  • Wildflowers – Montessori 3-Part Cards
  • Lily Life-Cycle Montessori 3-Part Cards & Spinner
  • Daffodil Life-Cycle Montessori 3-Part Cards & Spinner
  • Parts of a Daffodil (flower) Montessori 3-Part Cards & Worksheets
  • Parts of a Lily (flower) Montessori 3-Part Cards & Worksheets

MOMtessori Life

  • Printable Montessori Color Tablets
  • Ultimate Montessori-Inspired Color Printable Bundle

Montessori Kiwi

  • Spring Money Bundle

Montessori Nature

  • Spring Preschool Pack
  • Helpful to the Earth Vs. Harmful to the Earth – Sort

Montessori Tube Academy

  • Magnets Investigation Activities

Montessori Soul

  • Castles Bundle

Musik at Home

  • Class Planner & Instrument Practice Chart

My Montessori Hub

  • Species of Dogs Pack (3-part cards, poster, memory cards, initial sound cards, 

math activity cards)

Natural Beach Living

  • All About Birds Study Pack
  • Earth Day Pack
  • Spring Planting Printable

Plenty of Trays

  • The Life of Jesus – Bible Verses

Stephanie Hathaway Designs

  • Backyard Foraging Bundle 

Stories Begin At Home

  • Easter Bundle 
  • Easter Devotional And Scripture Art 

Tackle Box Montessori

  • Montessori Weather Bundle 

The Art Kit

  • Spring Weather Bundle 

The Natural Homeschool

  • Flowers Printable Set Bundle 

The Peaceful Press

  • Garden Guide

Twig and Moth

  • Anatomy & Life Cycle Prints

Willfully Serving His Children

  • Purposeful Bake Study 

In addition, many of the contributors also offer store discounts and gift cards that the buyers can redeem — including me! You will get a coupon code for 10% off my e-courses as part of the Montessori Spring Mega Bundle 2020.

I know, that’s a lot of stuff to sort through! I am working on putting together a very detailed table of contents — that will go out to my email subscribers on Wednesday. I’ll also be sorting through materials to organize a few possible unit studies you could do with the materials in the Montessori Spring Mega Bundle 2020 — that will go out to my email subscribers next weekend. Want to get that info? Subscribe to my email newsletter HERE.

This Montessori Spring Mega Bundle 2020 is valued at about $400, but you can get it on sale for just $19 through Sunday, March 29th at 11:59pm PST! After that, all of these materials will only be available for full price at a discount.

Get the Montessori Spring Mega Bundle 2020 Now!



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