Montessori Winter Mega Bundle – Limited Time Only!

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve probably seen all the hype about this new Montessori Winter Mega Bundle!

This thing is absolutely HUGE!  It contains over $700 worth of materials for just $25 — that’s over 97% off!

This bundle contains e-courses and over 2,600 pages of printables from 33 different Montessori creators — including me!  There are materials for learning about winter weather, many different holidays (including Hanukkah, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Ramadan), Arctic animals, Antarctic animals, and so much more!

Whenever I’m promoting a bundle this huge, everyone asks how I handle preparing the printables afterwards.  This is what works for me:  as soon as I get it, I download everything to store on my computer or on Dropbox so I don’t lose the original download links.  Then I print just the ones we’ll be using right away.  When I have some free time over the next few weeks/months, I print the rest and get it all ready to pull out whenever we need it.  [For a detailed Table of Contents so you can see exactly where each printable material is in the bundle, join my email list!]

I’m going to share a bit about EVERYTHING that’s included in this Montessori Winter Mega Bundle, but first I want to show you just the parts I printed right away!

First up, we have the Winter Wonderland Alphabet Cards by Little Spark Company.  I printed these and plan on hanging them up in Nora’s room to reinforce letter sounds with a gorgeous winter twist!  These are part of the Winter Wonderland Printing Bundle file in the Early Bird Folder — only available for the first 48 hours, so hurry!  They are also available as part of the regular bundle in cursive.

There are so many holidays in the winter time, so I decided to start with the first two we’ll be learning about — Hanukkah and Christmas.  These Hanukkah Symbols 4-part cards will be perfect for learning about Hanukkah for years to come.  I love that they come with detailed explanation cards.  These can be found in the Diamond Montessori – Hanukkah Symbols file.

These Parts of a Christmas Tree 4-Part Cards will be especially useful to review before we put up our own tree, and then again after we’ve decorated it!  The explanation cards include fascinating history lessons for each part of the Christmas tree, and I know both girls will love reading it.  This can be found in the Diamond Montessori – Parts of a Christmas Tree file.

These Types of Evergreen Trees Matching Cards will also be helpful during the Christmas season!  I think the girls will love comparing our Christmas tree to these to see which kind we’ve chosen this year.  This can be found in the FireFlyLearning – What’s It Like to Be Evergreen file.

Arctic animals also make a fantastic unit study theme for the winter time, and there are so many resources on that topic in the Montessori Winter Mega Bundle!  I love all of the Polar Bear materials, but these Polar Bear Life Cycle Fact Cards are my favorites!  These can be found in the Green Urban Mama – Polar Bear file.

And don’t forget about antarctic animals!  My girls have always had a special love for penguins, so I know they will enjoy these Parts of a Penguin cards this winter.  These can be found in the MontessoriSoul – Winter Animals Pack file.

And the animals that stick around in winter time!  We have a family of white-tailed deer that frequents our backyard, so I can’t wait to show my girls these deer materials!  This Life Cycle of a White-Tailed Deer Poster can be found in the Stephanie Hathaway Designs – White-Tailed Deer Unit Study file.

My girls love famous works of art, so I definitely printed these December in Paintings I Spy Close-Up Matching Cards right away!  The close-up cards come as a circle of the painting in a white rectangle card, but I usually cut out just the circle part for matching.  These can be found in the I Believe in Montessori – December Pack file.

And who doesn’t love I Spy???!!! There are I Spy sheets for counting specific objects as well as finding objects with certain beginning sounds, and I know that we will be using both this winter.  These can be found in the Montessori Nature – I Spy Winter Counting file.

If you have kids who like to build, there are even Winter-themed lego task cards included in the Montessori Winter Mega Bundle!  We are getting the girls a giant box of legos for Christmas this year, so I saw these and almost leapt out of my seat.  These can be found in the Welcome to Mommyhood – Building Blocks Winter Task Cards file.

The Montessori Winter Mega Bundle also includes two brand new printable packs made by me!!!  I am so excited to debut my Snow & Snowflake Bundle, featuring the snowflake photographs of Wilson Bentley and tons of snowflake activities for your art, sensorial, math, language, and science shelves!  This product will be released separately after the Montessori Winter Mega Bundle sale is over, but for now you can get it as part of the bundle.  You can find these materials in the MOMtessoriLife – Snow & Snowflakes Pack file and the MOMtessoriLife – Wilson Bentley’s Snowflakes Pack file.

That was just a *tiny* taste of everything inside this giant Montessori Winter Mega Bundle!  Here’s a full list of everything that’s included:

List of Products:

E-Courses by:

Carrots Are Orange:

  • My Montessori Homeschool Practical Life E-Course
  • My Montessori Homeschool Math E-Course
  • My Montessori Homeschool Language E-Course
  • My Montessori Homeschool Sensorial E-Course

Montessori Tube Academy:

  • Teach Your Child Reading E-Course

Printables by :

3 Little Lambs Homestead:

  • DIY Fabric Pumpkin

Chickie and Roo:

  • Cosmic Collection Bundle

Diamond Montessori:

  • Hanukkah Symbols 4-Part Cards
  • Parts of a Christmas Tree 4-Part Cards
  • Parts ofa  Hanukkiah 4-Part Cards
  • Parts of a Poinsettia 4-Part Cards

Every Star is Different:

  • Montessori-Inspired Antarctica Unit Printable Pack Bundle

Fiddlesticks Kids:

  • Chinese New Year Bundle
  • Diwali Bundle
  • Nativity Bundle
  • Ramadan Bundle

Firefly Learning:

  • Connections with Conifers Lesson Plans
  • Cookies and Clay Lesson Plans
  • Pines and Needles Lesson Plans
  • What’s It Like to Be Evergreen Lesson Plans

Gift of Curiosity:

  • Arctic Animals Unit Study

Green Urban Mama:

  • Polar Seas Counting Cards Pack
  • Polar Bear Bundle

I Believe in Montessori:

  • December Monthly Pack
  • January Monthly Pack
  • February Monthly Pack


  • Winter Placemats Pack

Life Abundantly:

  • Bird Observation Bundle
  • Kindergarten Morning Binder

Little Spark Company: 

  • Winter Wonderland Cursive Writing Bundle

Living Montessori Now:

  • Holiday-Themed Editable Name and Word Tracking Pack
  • Winter-Themed Editable Name and Word Tracing Pack

Mama’s Happy Hive:

  • Christmas Watercolor 3-Part Cards
  • Deer Life Cycle Bundle
  • Eagle Life Cycle Bundle
  • Forest Animals and Tracks 3-Part Cards
  • Fox Life Cycle Bundle
  • Winter Clothes 3-Part Cards

My Montessori Hub:

  • Montessori Addition Strip Board Pack
  • Montessori Hundred Board Pack
  • Montessori Pink CVC Reading Books Bundle
  • Montessori Pink CVC Writing Books Bundle

MOMtessoriLife:  [that’s me!!!]

  • Snow & Snowflakes Pack
  • Wilson Bentley’s Snowflakes Pack

Montessori Nature:

  • Christmas Color Sorting Pack
  • Snowflake Number & Counting Cards
  • Winter Five Senses Pack
  • I Spy Winter Pack
  • Winter Lacing Cards
  • Winter Nature Walk Pack
  • Parts of a Polar Bear Pack
  • Winter Around the World Pack
  • Animals of Antarctica Pack

Montessori Kiwi:

  • Miniature Winter Environment Pack

Montessori Soul:

  • Winter Animals Bundle

Musik at Home:

  • My Soundscape Workbook #2

Natural Beach Living:

  • Montessori Winter Animals Pack
  • Self-Care Bundle

Plenty of Trays:

  • Nuts Theme Unit Study Bundle

Stephanie Hathaway Designs:

  • White-Tailed Deer Unit Study Bundle

Tackle Box Montessori:

  • Winter Sequencing & Grammar Bundle

The Natural Homeschool:

  • My Winter Journal

The Peaceful Press:

  • Sky Guide Unit Study

The Prepared Environment:

  • Primo Winter Art Pack

The Art Kit:

  • Winter Bundle

Twig and Moth:

  • Curious Collections Set (8.5×11 size)
  • Curious Collections Set (A4 size)

Welcome to Mommyhood:

  • Winter Bundle for Hands-On Kindergarten Activities

As if that’s not wonderful enough, you’ll also get the following store discounts:

  • Carrots Are Orange – 25% off
  • FiddleSticks Kids – 25% off
  • Firefly Natureschool – 30% off
  • Gift of Curiosity – 20% off
  • KhadineDECO – 15% off
  • Little Spark Company – 20% off
  • Living Montessori Now – 25% off
  • Montessori Nature – 15% off
  • Musik at Home – $5 off
  • My Montessori Hub – 50% off
  • Natural Beach Living – 50% off
  • Plenty of Trays – 50% off
  • Stephanie Hathaway Designs – 25% off
  • Tackle Box Montessori – 60% off
  • The Art Kit – 30% off
  • The Natural Homeschool – 40% off
  • The Prepared Environment – 50% off
  • Twig and Moth – $5 off
  • Montessori Fabrics Shoppe – 60% off

Hurry and get your Montessori Winter Mega Bundle now, because this 97% off deal disappears on Friday, December 6th at 11:59pm PST!


P.S.  I’m putting together a complete Table of Contents listing exact page numbers for where you can find each material for my email subscribers — a link to it will be going out in all of my emails this week!  I am also working on a bunch of unit study ideas (along with which printables from the bundle you can use for them) for my email subscribers — that one will be going out to everyone on my list on Wednesday, so sign up now to get it!

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