Montessori Fall Mega Bundle — Limited Time Only!!!

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve probably seen all the hype about this new Montessori Fall Mega Bundle!

This thing is absolutely HUGE!  It contains over $600 worth of materials for just $25 — that’s 97% off!

This bundle contains e-courses and over 2,000 pages of printables from 21 different Montessori creators!

Whenever I’m promoting a bundle this huge, everyone asks how I handle preparing the printables afterwards.  This is what works for me:  as soon as I get it, I download everything to store on my computer or on Dropbox so I don’t lose the original download links.  Then I print just the ones we’ll be using right away.  When I have some free time over the next few weeks/months, I print the rest and get it all ready to pull out whenever we need it.

I’m going to share a bit about EVERYTHING that’s included in this Montessori Fall Mega Bundle, but first I want to show you just the parts I printed right away!

These squirrel and acorn counters are the material that Nora is the most excited about!  They’re from Green Urban Mama’s Autumn Bundle and can be found in the “Squirrel Acorn Counters file.”  These are adorable and go all the way through 10 — we will be using them to work on even and odd as we feed each squirrel the correct number of acorns!

I love the simplicity of this parts of a pumpkin labeling activity — it will definitely come in handy when we are cutting open pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns this fall!  This printable can be found in Fiddlestick Kid’s Pumpkin Pack on page 2 of that file.

When I saw these Parts of a  Bat cards, I knew they’d be perfect since they cover the fall/Halloween AND can be used as part of our mammal study!  I used the information cards to make a book about bats, and we’ll use the picture and word cards as nomenclature cards.  This material is from Diamond Montessori’s Halloween Bundle and can be found on pages 3-12 of that file.  It is part of the Early Bird Special and will only be included in Montessori Fall Mega Bundles purchased within the first 48 hours — so if you got it by Wednesday, 9/18 at 11am EST, it’s in your bundle!

I must be really into pumpkins, because a lot of the materials I printed out first deal with them!  They  just scream “It’s FALL!!!” to me, so we’ll be doing a big pumpkin study this year.  I love these Life Cycle of a Pumpkin sequencing cards!  This printable is from I Believe in Montessori’s October Pack in the October Wall Decorations file and can be found on pages 3-7 in that file.

Nora is loving all things with letters and writing right now, so I knew she’d love these fall tracing strips!  This one is actually part of a file that is editable — it even includes instructions for how to edit the file to include your own words for tracing!  This is from Living Montessori Now’s Fall-Themed, Editable Name and Word Tracing Pack and can be found on pages 5-21 in that file.

I love ALL of the beautifully illustrated images in the Thanksgiving Fall Unit Study Bundle by Life Abundantly!  I printed out the Fall Items 3-Part Cards as well as this gorgeous Pumpkin Lacing Card. The 3-Part cards can be found on pages 13-23 and the lacing cards can be found on pages 50-56 of that file.  This file is also part of the Early Bird Special, so it will only be available during the first 48 hours of the sale –so if you got it by Wednesday, 9/18 at 11am EST, it’s in your bundle.

One more thing to show you!  This is one of the monthly packs included in the Montessori Fall Mega Bundle — I made the word cards into a book and a we will hang the picture cards around our calendar at our Circle Time area.  This is part of I Believe in Montessori’s September Pack (there are also similar materials for October included in the bundle!) and can be found in the All About September file.

That was just a *tiny* taste of everything inside this giant Montessori Fall Mega Bundle!  Here’s a full list of everything that’s included:

List of Products:

E-Courses by:

Montessori Tube Academy:

  • Learn Numerations & Operations with Montessori Materials E-course

The Prepared Environment:

  • Decluttering and Setting Up Toddler Play Spaces E-course
  • 1 Free Month access to Primo Art Club

Firefly Nature School:

  • 1 Month Subscription eBox Nature Study


Printables by :

Twig and Moth:

  • Patterns in Nature info and further reading resources

Little Spark Company:

  •  Fall Harvest Art Printing Bundle
  • Fall Harvest Art Cursive Bundle

Diamond Montessori:

  • Layers of the Soil 4-Part Cards 
  • Parts of a Biome 4-Part Cards
  • Parts of a Mushroom 4-Part Cards
  • Parts of a Volcano 4-Part Cards

Fiddlestick Kids:

  • Beatrix Potter Pack
  • Poppy Pack
  • Pumpkins Pack

Generation Mindful:

  • Feelings Bingo
  • Coloring Page for My Feelings Cards

Living Montessori Now:

  • Fall-Themed, Editable Name and Word Tracing Pack
  • Healthy Food Alphabet Connect-the-Dots Pack
  • Healthy Food Alphabet Do-a-Dot Pack
  • Montessori-Inspired Eat-a-Rainbow Number and Alphabet Pack

Life Abundantly Blog:

  • Watercolor ABC 4-Part Cards (with Sight Words & Blends)

Montessori Soul:

  • Montessori Pink Series Printables
  • Montessori Blue Series Printables
  • Montessori Green Series Printables

I Believe in Montessori:

  • October Pack
  • September Pack

Natural Beach Living:

  • Apple Bundle
  • Pumpkin Theme Lessons & Activities


  • Sun Study Pack
  • Constellations of the Night Sky Pack

Green Urban Mama:

  • Pacific Northwest Autumn Bundle
  • Autumn Leaves Poster & 3 Part Cards
  • Squirrel Acorn Counters
  • Squirrel Life Cycle Bundle

Carrots Are Orange:

  • Apple Unit
  • Owl Unit
  • Pumpkin Unit

Every Star is Different:

  • Autumn Math Clip Cards
  • Montessori-Inspired Fall Harvest Unit Bundle

Stephanie Hathaway Designs:

  • Color Theory Unit Study
  • Mini Firefly Unit Study

The Natural Homeschool:

  • Fall Printables for Kids Pack

Mama’s Happy Hive:

  • Anatomy Bundle

Welcome to Mommyhood:

  • Blackberry Life Cycle Bundle
  • Life Cycle of a Green Bean Plant Bundle
  • Pear Life Cycle Bundle
  • Squirrel Life Cycle Bundle
  • Sunflower Life Cycle Bundle
  • Woodpecker Life Cycle Bundle


As if that’s not wonderful enough, you’ll also get the following store discounts with savings valued at over $100:

  • Carrots Are Orange – 25%
  • Chickie and Roo – 20%
  • Courtesy & Grace – 15%
  • Fiddle Sticks Kids – 25%
  • Firefly Nature School – 30%
  • Green Urban Mama – 20%
  • Khadinedeco – 10%
  • MontessoriKiwi – 30%
  • Life, Abundantly – 15%
  • Little Spark Company – 20%
  • Living Montessori Now – 25%
  • Montessori Tube Academy – 50%
  • My Montessori Hub – 50%
  • Natural Beach Living – 50%
  • Natural Homeschool – 30%
  • Stephanie Hathaway Designs – 25%
  • Welcome to Mommyhood – 30%


Hurry and get your Montessori Fall Mega Bundle now, because this 97% off deal disappears on Sunday, September 22nd at 11:59pm PST!  Everyone who purchases the bundle through my link will receive a coupon code for $10 off one of my e-courses after the sale is over.


P.S.  I’m putting together a complete Table of Contents listing exact page numbers for where you can find each material PLUS a bunch of unit study ideas (along with which printables from the bundle you can use) for my email subscribers — it will be going out to everyone on my list on Friday, so sign up now to get it!

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