All About Nature Bundle Review

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All About Nature Bundle Sale — November 1st-8th

You know how sometimes you find something that is just so amazing you feel like shouting it from the rooftops?  Friends, this is one of those things.  Fellow Montessori bloggers Yuliya of Welcome to Mommyhood and Katherine of I Believe in Montessori have put together a HUGE bundle of over 70 printable materials (over 1000 pages!) for learning about nature.  It includes a wide variety of zoology, botany, and nature printables for ages 3-7 (although I have used it with N, who just turned 2), and the bundle will be 67% off for this week only!  You can also purchase each section individually, but you won’t get the exclusive bonuses unless you get the whole thing all together.  The full bundle comes with bonuses including free printables, coupon codes for many Montessori shops (including my Etsy shop!), and the chance to win one of twelve exclusive prizes!

I was lucky enough to receive some of the bundle ahead of time to provide a review, and my girls have been loving it so far!

We have been enjoying using the Spring and Autumn Leaves Matching Cards (part of the botany group) OUTSIDE this fall — after we matched the three-part cards, we went on a leaf hunt in our backyard to find out which kinds grow near us.

L has had a HUGE increase in her shape vocabulary just from using the Shapes in Nature Sorting Cards (part of the general nature group).  The photographs are stunning and it has even helped L to become more aware of the shapes she sees in everyday objects.

We also have some Types of Bird Feathers cards (part of the zoology group) that we are planning on using as three-part cards as well as for an extension in shade matching using the color tablets from color box 3! 

When you purchase the full bundle, you will receive the following bonuses:

– Conifer life cycle cards
– Christmas plants 3-part cards

Exclusive discounts and coupons:
– Cactus & Fern shop – Free US shipping of all the boxes
– Educational Sounds and Images shop – 10% discount
– Heir+LoomKidsUSA shop – 15% discount
– Lighthouse Learning LLC – 10% discount
– LindenMood shop – 15% discount
– MaxandNaoli shop – 25% discount
– Mirus Toys shop – 10% discount
MOMtessoriLife – 15% discount
– Montelicous shop – 15% discount
– MontessoriMethods shop – 20% discount
– My Bella Montessori shop – 10% discount
– The Laminatrix – Free shipping on orders of $100 & PLUS free Toob of small objects
– Wings, Worms, and Wonder – Get a 25% discount on the Using Nature Journal Prompts course

When you buy the full bundle, you have a chance to win one of these prizes:
– Ant Life Cycle Felt Set from The Laminatrix and Happy Felt World
– Life Cycle Stamp Set from Wild Stamps
– Wooden Tray from MaxandNaoli
– T-Shirt of your Choice from Montelicous shop
– 25 Alphabet Objects for Montessori Language Activities from Montessori Methods
– Bird Beaks Wooden puzzle from Mirus Toys
– Wooden Lacing Toy from Mazais Meistars
– Pink Interpretive Tray from Educational sounds and images
– Grammar Proficiency Set 1/1A Art/Adj/Noun Set from Lighthouse Learning LLC
– Montessori Pearl Bead Stair Necklace from My Bella Montessori
– Montessori Screw Board from Linden Mood
– Poinsettia 4 part cards ready-made set from Diamond Montessori


This bundle is being sold for 67% of the cost if you were to buy all of the materials individually, so it is a great deal — and it is available THIS WEEK ONLY!  This is one you’re not going to want to miss.

You can find out all about exactly what is included in the bundle here: All About Nature Bundle

Happy printing!  🙂









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