Montessori Toddler Language — Object-to-Picture Matching with Free Printable


N is moving swiftly along in our language section as her expressive language begins to explode, so I wanted to make some new object-to-picture matching cards to freshen up our shelves.  I looked through our Safari Ltd Toob collection and decided to use the animals from the Zoo Babies Toob.

I laid out each picture and named the animal on it.  Then I picked up an animal, named it, and put it on the correct photo.  N continued to match the remaining animals.

After she had matched them all, we continued on to the second period of the Three Period Lesson.  This is one of N’s favorite works right now!


You can get your free printable of these cards right here –>  Animal Object to Picture Matching Cards — Zoo Babies.  If you don’t have the Zoo Babies Toob, you could always print them twice and use them as picture matching cards.




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