Math Concepts for Toddlers — “More Than”/”Less Than”

L’s newfound interest in the math section is keeping me on my toes!  I put together this quick work to explore “more” and “less” using dollar store objects — you can really use anything as long as you have enough of the same objects.


I placed some dinosaur erasers in a bin on L’s math shelf.  To present it to her, I lined up all of the blue dinosaur erasers and all of the red ones (an early form of bar graphing), then said, “There are more blue dinosaurs.  There are less* red dinosaurs.”

*This terminology drives me a little nuts, because it would technically be “fewer” in this particular instance if I was using proper English.  However, I’m swallowing it for now to keep my terms consistent.

I counted 4 blue dinosaurs and 3 red dinosaurs, then said, “Four is more than three.  Three is less than four.”

For older children, you could include the appropriate sandpaper numbers with this work and the more than/less than signs.  I will have to add that to this work soon for L, but for now this is enough for her and N.