Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers — Pin Pushing

When I was a Montessori toddler teacher, I would sometimes visit the older classrooms to get ideas for new works for some of my more advanced toddlers.  This one was always in use and looked so inviting, so I was excited to create it for L this summer.

Pin-Pushing 1

I put a large push pin and a small cork board on a tray, then added some construction paper with the shape of a square on it.  I showed L how to poke holes all along the line of the square.

pin-pushing 2

This work takes quite a while to complete, but once it is finished the shape will pop right out.  L has not yet completed this work in one sitting, but she is still very young.  This work requires patience and concentration.  The way the child holds the push pin uses the pincer grip.  This work is a preparation for writing.  Begin with a square, then move to a triangle and a circle.  Eventually, you can do this using the shapes of letters.

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