Fall Activities for Toddlers – Leaf Matching

These leaves still look great!

MOMtessori Life

One of L’s favorite things to do outside is collect fall leaves in a little pumpkin bucket.  Unfortunately, once we get inside the leaves don’t last very long before they get dry and crumbly.  I decided to try to extend the lives of some fall leaves by laminating them — so far, it’s working!
I collected matching pairs of fall leaves and set them on the counter to dry for the afternoon.  When they were dry, I put them through the laminator and cut around each leaf to preserve its unique shape.  The colors of the leaves did fade slightly as they went through the laminating process, but since then they’ve stayed the same.  I don’t know yet if these laminated leaves will still look good by next year, but in the month that I’ve had them out they still look great!  L enjoys taking out the leaves one by…

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