What’s On Our World Peace Shelf — International Children Magnets with World Map

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I found these gorgeous International Children Magnets from Etsy shop Margaux Makes, and I knew they would be perfect for our World Peace Shelf!  The children are made of stuffed fabric with a magnet inside, and there’s a huge variety of different countries represented.  L loves this work and pulls it out multiple times a day.  She likes to tell me about the different clothes the children are wearing, and she pays special attention to their footwear.  🙂

magnets 2

Because the children are magnetic, I used a cookie sheet as a tray for this work so there was something portable for L to stick them on to.  I found a gorgeous printable world map from Etsy shop Happy Place Art, and it really brought this work up to another level.  Now we talk about where each child lives while finding it on the map.  L is convinced the hula dancer lives in Australia… but hey, she’s only two and a half!

“We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.”  ~Maria Montessori

[If you cannot find the items listed in the Etsy shops, message the shop owners to request them!]

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