Scrubbing — Outdoor Waterplay

One of my favorite things about Montessori is that it includes young children in chores that must be done around the house!  I appreciate any help I can get, so it is great to see L actually enjoy cleaning things.  This spring, we needed to clean some of our outdoor toys.  I set up a scrubbing work for L, and she cleaned and cleaned and cleaned for at least an hour.  She didn’t even want me to help!

outdoor scrubbing 1

I filled a plastic dish bin with dish soap and warm water.  I added some dish scrubbing brushes like these and let her at it!

outdoor scrubbing

L scrubbed every inch of her outside toys, and it was a great outside activity.  Give a toddler some water and bubbles, and she’ll be busy forever!

outdoor scrubbing 2

When she was all done scrubbing, I gave L a wet washcloth to use to wipe off all the soap on her toys.  Then we just let them air dry, and they looked almost brand new!

This is a great gross motor and practical life activity.  I plan on repeating it at the end of the summer.  And maybe a few times before then if we get really bored.

5 thoughts on “Scrubbing — Outdoor Waterplay

  1. This is a really great idea. I often find my kids just want to be involved in what I;m doing…no matter how lame it is for me, it’s exciting for them.
    A good distraction!!

  2. Such a good idea! Young kids always want to what they’re parents are doing, like following them to the bathroom. Haha! I will definitely have to keep this one!

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