Practical Life Skills – Pincher Transfer

L has been interested in trying out different utensils in the kitchen.  While walking around the mall trying to induce labor with N, I found an awesome kitchen supply store filled with tons of wonderful gadgets that I could use to create works for L!  I went a little crazy and bought almost the whole store, including three different types of pinchers.


After trying all the pinchers out on different materials to determine level of difficulty, I put together this pincher transfer work.  I put some pom-poms in a bowl, another bowl, and the pinchers that were the easiest to manipulate on a tray.  When L brought the work to the table, I first showed her how to squeeze the pinchers together so they clicked.  L thought that was pretty cool.  Then I showed her how to pick up a pom-pom with the pinchers and transfer it to the empty bowl.  When I gave L the pinchers, she practiced making the clicking sound a few times and then began transfering the pom-poms.  Sometimes she cheats and puts the pom-pom in the pinchers with her other hand, but for the most part she manages to use the pinchers correctly.  This strengthens her hand muscles and builds fine motor skills.  The repetitiive transferring motion builds focus and concentration.  L loves this work!